Josh Rosen Got A Little Testy When Asked If He Thought He'll Be Drafted Number 1 And I Have To Admit, I Kinda Loved It

Talk that shit, Champ! Talk that shit! We are a little more than 48 hours until the NFL Draft and I cannot fucking wait. Partially because I love the draft and the Giants have a chance to draft a franchise changer at the 2nd pick. But the biggest reason is because all this draft chatter, misdirection, and bullshit is almost over. Hearing all the fake rumors, smokescreens, mock drafts, and mock mock drafts is exhausting as a fan. I think I have read that the Browns were a LOCK to draft Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, and Baker Mayfield over the last month. It’s almost like John Dorsey is doing that thing Tyrion did where he tells each member of his high council a different QB name to see where the leaks are.

I can’t imagine what it’s like being a player during all this nonsense. Every single thing you said or did the last few years no even on the football field being picked apart. Every ounce and inch of your body being measured and scrutinized. Obviously same for the game film. And then you have a bunch of scouts and talking heads giving their 2 cents. It has to weigh on any player. Which is why I’m sure agents pump their clients full of cliches just to get through the draft so nobody gets scared off and sound like robots until the regular season starts.

And that’s why I love that Josh Rosen said fuck all that and went down his list of people that clearly motivated him in the past because he wasn’t the number 1 QB, even if it probably gave his agent an aneurysm. Ricky Town and Blake Barnett were those guys coming out of high school while Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield were those guys during this endless draft process that is about a month too long. If you want to know where Josh Rosen gets his drive from, I think you can start with those four names. Again, I don’t know enough about the guy as a QB to say if he will be a franchise quarterback in the league. But I like that he doesn’t just conform down and give vanilla answers days before his entire life may change. The guy’s been fighting the naysayers as well as apparently at least a few anti-semetic players in college. Sometimes you want a QB that can take the heat and bottle it up. But sometimes you want one that will shove it right up his opponents asses. Josh Rosen moved up my Big Board with that speech.