Who Will The Philadelphia Eagles Select With The 32nd Overall Pick In The 2018 NFL Draft Later This Week?

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots

We’re now just days away from the 2018 NFL Draft in Dallas, Texas. Home of the 2-time playoff game winning in the past 20 years Dallas Cowboys. A day in which organizations can hit the reset button, pick up a franchise-altering talent and turn their shit around. So with the 1st round of the 2018 Draft being just two days away, the question must be asked. Who will the Philadelphia Eagles add with their 1st round selection?

My answer? I haven’t a clue. Not a single idea. Haven’t even looked at the board yet.

But what is important to remember is that the Philadelphia Eagles will be selecting 32nd overall in the 1st round. That spot, of course, is typically designated for the team which won the Super Bowl in the last season. Now I know what you’re thinking to yourself right now. “Uhhhhh hey Jordie. If the 32nd overall pick usually goes to the current Super Bowl champions, then why the frick are the Eagles making that selection?” Well, dummy, it’s because the Philadelphia Eagles actually won Super Bowl LII. In case you forgot, they defeated the New England Patriots by a score of 41-33 to win the Super Bowl thus placing them correctly in the 32nd slot to draft on Thursday night. A lot of people forget that. But not me. Not ever.

The thing that sucks, however, is that 32nd pick won’t come around until much much later in the night. I know you all probably think that Eagles fans have it so good right now. I’m sure that a lot of you would love to trade places with us at the moment. But just think about what we’ll have to go through on Thursday night. We’ll be having to stay up until all hours of the night just to see who gets added to the reigning Super Bowl champion roster. I usually like to hit the hay a little early on Thursday nights. Catch a few extra hours of Zzz’s to make sure I’m properly rested to take on Friday. But not this week. No siree. I’ll have to stay up way past my bedtime all because the Eagles had to go out and win a goddamn Super Bowl. All of a sudden life as a champion doesn’t seem so great anymore, now does it?