Starting 9 Alumni Jenny Cavnar Becomes First Woman Since 1996 To Do Play-By-Play On TV For An MLB Team



When we first launched Starting 9, Jenny Cavnar was one of the first guests suggested by Dallas Braden. At the time, I didn’t know who she was. Everybody is about to know her name now. Dallas spoke very highly of her and her ability to talk not just Rockies, but all baseball in general, while running circles around dudes who thought they knew what they were talking about. Jenny was one of my favorite interviews that we’ve done so far — not just because I could gush about Nolan Arenado all day every day, but because her passion for the game of baseball is incredibly contagious.

Last night, Jenny became the first woman to do the play-by-play for a major league team on television since 1996. The Rockies got smoked by the Padres, but the main takeaway here is that Jenny shot up the power rankings for one of the best home run calls in the big leagues. “Fire up the fountains” is money. Absolute money. Put it on a t-shirt.

Click here to listen to our interview with Jenny on Starting 9 from back in March.