This Dude Got A Car Key Lodged Into His Skull During A Brawl

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The Sun- Shocking scans show the metal wedged into the top of the boy’s head. Doctors at the Anand Rishi Hospital in India spent more than three hours in theatre, operating on the boy to remove the key. Dr Shailendra Uttamrao Markad, said the teen could’ve died, but was lucky not to suffer serious internal bleeding. He said the boy was brought into hospital on April 18 at around 11am, after being involved in a fight. “The teenager was assaulted by someone and a bike key got lodged deep into his skull,” Dr Markad explained. “He was brought to my out patient department at around 3.30pm, and after seeing the scan report we started the surgery at around 6.30pm that day. “The key had pierced around one and a half inches into his brain. “Luckily he didn’t suffer internal bleeding and there was no damage to his brain.

YIIIIIIIIIIIIKES. Gross as fuck. That’s a key in a person’s head. No doubt about it. The last picture in that series of pictures is the most disturbing. It looks like a kiwi with a key in it. For whatever reason, those pictures reminded me of this scene from Pineapple Express

“You look like somebody fucked you up with a coffee pot, man” is laugh out loud funny to me every time. It’s my favorite line in Pineapple Express which is saying something because that movie includes this line

Anyway. That dude looks like somebody fucked him up with a car key. Well it doesn’t look like that. That’s what actually happened. Stuck it right in his dome. I don’t know much but I do know I would never allow someone to plunge a car key into my dome during a fight. I’ve been in a normal amount of bar scuffles throughout my life and I never once thought, “Alright stay alert, Trent. One of these guys might try to stick a key in your head.” I’m not the quickest cat in the world but I’m simply not letting the top of my head become an ignition slot. The guy who did that must’ve been getting his ass WHOOPED during the brawl. The thought of, “It’s time to whip out the Corolla keys” is the thought of a guy whose face is getting caved in and has no other options.