I'm Mesmerized By Sergei Bobrovsky's "Attempt" At Saving Chandler Stephenson's Shorty

I just can’t stop watching this. Over and over and over, I can’t get over whatever Bobrovsky is trying to do here. I mean, Sergei Bobrovsky looks like he legitimately has never played goalie before. It’s such a fascinating gif. He gives this little weak attempt at what appears to be a poke check, then just rolls on the ice.

Which begs the questions, is Bobrovsky the worst playoff goalie in NHL history? No, seriously.

I was looking at his post-season stats the other night. 12 straight starts allowing 3+ goals is phenomenally bad. I don’t know what’s worse- Wayne Simmonds of the Flyers having 0 goals in his last 16 postseason games, or Bobrovsky completely whiffing in the playoffs despite being a 2 time Vezina winner. Fascinating stuff.