Mike Francesa Reportedly Wants To Get Back Into Radio And Could Return To WFAN


NY Post- Mike Francesa desperately misses doing New York sports radio and is trying to get back on the air, sources told The Post. A return to WFAN is in play.

When reached by phone and asked specifically about this possibility, Francesa was silent for a moment. “I’m not answering questions about any specific stations,” Francesa told The Post during a five-minute conversation. While Francesa or his representatives have had talks with executives from 98.7 ESPN New York and WOR 710 AM, according to sources, a return to FAN in some form could be in motion.

Look at Duh Spawts Pope causing a stir all the way from retirement! He was already at war with Boomer Esiason over the quality of the programming at WFAN and this story will only help his side of things once the Mongos start calling into The Fan screaming for their God to return behind the mic.

Truth be told we all should have seen this coming from a mile away. Mike never wanted to walk away from radio. He just wanted to walk away from working during those cold New York winters. Yeah Julio always had the car at a balmy 72 degrees when Mikey entered. But those five steps from the front door of his house to the car and then from the car to the STUDIOS OF WFAN sent a chill in Mikey’s bones that lasted for days. Mike has always seen himself in the same ilk as a superstar athlete since those days picking the ball out of the dirt as a youth at first base before his bad knee caused an early retirement from a likely Hall of Fame baseball career. The next progression in Mike’s career was obviously going to be in line with Roger Clemens, just not INSIDE JAWJIZ BOX. That means we would have a retirement, an unretirement, and then Mike picking his own schedule, which means off for the entire winter to go along with being off for basically the entire summer. Before long, spring will be cut out too. And then we will have our Zaun fillings during just the NFL season followed by only NFL Sundays before he calls it a career the same day Jim Boeheim retires in 2028. This all makes perfect sense now.

Also the mere thought of Mike doing a show on ESPN Radio makes my stomach turn and would be the biggest turncoat move since Hulk Hogan went from the WWF to WCW. A man’s got to have a code.