Syracuse Theta Tau Frat Kicked Out Of Their Classes After Second Video Comes Out Of Them Pretending To Sexually Assault A Disabled Person

Daily MailMore than a dozen members of a Syracuse University fraternity were ‘removed form academic participation’ on Sunday – as a second offensive video surfaced showing the simulated sexual assault of a disabled person.

The 18 Theta Tau members that were taken out of classes on Sunday were all present for the first ‘racist’ video’s filming, which depicted members using such slurs as ‘n*****,’ ‘k**e’ and s**c’.

That video was published last week by the student newspaper The Daily Orange, which released a second shocking video on Sunday, showing Theta Tau brothers performing a skit, imitating a disabled person in a wheelchair being forced to perform oral sex.

‘He’s drooling out of his mouth, because he’s retarded in a wheelchair,’ one person is heard saying. ‘So the hole is already very lubricated.’

SU Chancellor Kent Syverud told the Daily Orange that the second video is something they received during their investigation into the frat, which led to their decision to ban the group from campus on Saturday.

Remember Syracuse Theta Tau from last week?  The frat that recorded themselves dropping N words and K words and put it on a private Facebook group. only to have it leak out to the entire internet?

For which they were promptly put on probation and an investigation was launched?

Well, it didn’t take much digging to come up with another one.  Turns out when you put racist videos on Facebook they don’t always stay private.  This time they ditched the black and Jew hate for an even funnier bit:  pretending to make a disabled kid in a wheelchair suck their dicks.

And now they’re kicked out of all their classes.   18 brothers just not allowed to go to school.  Damn.  Why do bad things happen to good people?

Excited for what hilarious skit they have planned for us to see leaked footage of next week.

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