I've Never Seen Anyone As Happy As PFT Was After The Caps Won Game 5

Look at this happiness!

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen pure jubilation quite like that. And that’s just from a round 1, game 5 win. That’s our lives as Caps fans. That’s the feeling of having every single egg, every single year in the Caps basket. But the good news is this is actually the Caps Year and we have nothing to be worried about. In fact, PFT has declared this series over.

I reached out to PFT for comment (turned my head ever slightly to the right) and he said “bring on that little nerd Sidney Crosby and his wack ass facial hair. And buy a shirt.” (1)

Buy a shirt

Buy a shirt

Buy a shirt (1)

PS: Take it from Whiskers himself. #CapsYear #CapsYear #CapsYear