A Look Behind The Curtain: I'm Having Trouble Deciding On Segment Music Choices for Hi Haters!

As you can see, Michael Bolton is in the mix for Kayce’s and my love line. But, we aren’t married to the idea. There have been a few other options kicked around in the ole group chat. Now, I love Bolton’s smooth and sultry voice. Who doesn’t? The problem is, does the song fit? What if someone doesn’t want to be the Soul Provider? I feel like we need something that captures a more general feeling of both love had and love lost. After all, most relationships end at some point. Is that tragic? You betcha. Life is like a penis, folks. It’s hard sometimes.

Foreigner – ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ certainly qualifies to that end. But, is talking about Foreigners too problematic in today’s political landscape? Many are saying no but then again, many are also saying yes. Very tough. Very tough, indeed. I do wanna know what love is. That much remains true but we shouldn’t just stop at Foreigner because it’s a proclamation. Everyone wants to know what love is. It’s an obvious joke. It’s like posing with your daughter before prom with a gun so that you look tough.

Classic. Ole Ramen Noodle Head Ass Justin Timberlake had a real coming out party on this smash hit. I Drive Myself Crazy can qualify in many areas of romance, love, life, and love lost. Plus, the vocals are to die for.

As you can see, picking transition music is tough. It might be the toughest job I’ve ever had. If you have any suggestions, tweet at me or Kayce.