Do We Really Think This Kanye Produced Nas Album Will See The Light Of Day?

Kanye has been diarrheaing out tweets again. Some inspirational, some controversial, some informative. The biggest announcement seemed to be that Kanye will be “hand producing” a new Nas album.

Oh shit! This is big news! The fact that Kanye will produce full albums for all the listed names in a hell of a work load in itself, but none shines brighter than Nas. The biggest question is will this really happen? A quick Google of “Nas” and “album pushed back” yields a fruitful history of postponed work. Combined with Kanye’s heavy workload and his self-described perfectionism, this is a tall task.

Still DJ Khaled has been talking about Nas’s album being done since July 2016. It took a while, but could it possibly be coming to pass finally?

It has long been written according to Kanye himself.

Nas, meanwhile is very alive and very living life, albeit with Diddy here and not Kanye.

The two do have a history of working with one another. Kanye produced Poppa Was A Playa off of The Lost Tapes, which came out in 2002, but from all accounts it was recorded some years earlier and just didn’t have a home.


He also produced Still Dreaming off of 2006’s Hip Hop is Dead, while featuring on the same track.

The two have a history of making deep-cut bangers and obviously seem to respect each other. It could be something classic.

If it turns out to be real.