Kid Rock Sinking A 40-Foot Putt In Front Of Jack Nicklaus Is A Thing That Happened

Weird stuff. Live long enough and you’ll see just about everything. Kid Rock sinking a putt in front of Jack Nicklaus and then slapping high five is one of those things. We should all be surprised that Kid Rock is still alive and in the world. He would’ve been a high draft pick in the What Celebrity Won’t Make It Out Of The First Decade Of The 2000s Draft. Kid Rock should be dead. But here he is. Alive and playing golf with Jack Nicklaus.

This situation sounds like a celebrity mad lib. (blank) sank a putt in front of Jack Nicklaus. Kid Rock wouldn’t be one of the first 500 names I listed. But here we are. What do Kid Rock and The Golden Bear talk about during a round of golf? I’m sure there’s some politics talks during the first couple holes but then what? The two of them haven’t exactly lived similar lives or had similar experiences. Maybe that’s what they talk about. Maybe Jack wants to know about the genius of Kid Rock. “Hey Rock, how did you come up with the lyrics to Bawitdaba?” is a question I hope got asked.

And while we’re talking on the topic of putts and Jack Nicklaus

Best video ever.