Kevin Lee Doing The Stanky Leg After Almost Getting Knocked Out Gets Funnier Every Time I Watch It

In Saturday night’s UFC Fight Night main event, Kevin Lee took on Edson Barboza and DOMINATED the entire contest. As a Barboza guy myself, it was tough to watch him take the abuse, as it was practically the Khabib Nurmagomedov fight all over again. Just brutal ground and pound with no end. He had one shining moment, however, and it was a perfectly executed spinning heel kick…his signature move.

It came out of nowhere, put Lee on skates, and almost finished the fight. It didn’t, though. The Motown Phenom miraculously recovered, scored top position when the two went back to the ground, and continued to pour it on until a doctor stopped the fight. Oh well!

The gif of him hittin’ a stanky leg will live on more than any highlight of his grapplefucking, so I guess I ain’t all bad when you think of it that way. It gets funnier each and every time I watch it.