I’m Irrationally Upset That Giannis AntdelaCupo Didn’t Get A Table At A Taco Joint In Milwaukee

Taco Place Apology


So this is a big story right now relatively speaking. Giannis Akwawnakupi went to some taco joint right after the Bucks beat the Celtics and couldn’t get a table. He waited patiently for 10 minutes and then just left and went to some pizza joint. The taco place apologized on Instagram. By all accounts Giannis was extremely cordial and didn’t make a big deal out of it. Well I’m making a big fucking deal about it. I’m fucking pissed. I don’t even know why. The Bucks are our enemy right now. I shouldn’t care that he didn’t get a table, but I do. It’s just all these hipster millennials trying to act like sports don’t matter. People probably skate boarding all over this taco joint drinking weird green drinks. FUCK THAT. Sit the fucking GREAK FREAK! Sports matter! SPORTS MATTER!

PS – Have I ever told people about the time I went to dinner on Nantucket with my friend Bill Belichick. It was a Saturday Night. Very busy night on Nantucket. We went to the Pearl. Very popular busy restuarant on Nantucket. We had no reservations. They basically threw people out the window to seat Bill. That’s how you do it. THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT.