Flyers Fall To The Pens In 6 But, Hey, #TrustTheProcess - Dem Phillies, Too!

Well that sucked. Just arrived back in NYC with a single wing and Jordie will have more once he’s out of mourning (if he’s not dead already), but really, what did we expect was going to happen here? It would’ve been an absolutely miraculous comeback of a series vs. the obviously better Pens who absolutely spanked the Flyers in their 3 wins till today. A resurgence of Biblical proportions. I’m not the biggest puck slut in the world, sadly, but after starting off being the victim of a 7-0 spanking (slyly ask Riggsy about that one), I’m surprised they took the fight to 6. Shit, I’m surprised they survived to 3. But seemingly same shit, different year with the Flyers as they fell to the better squad who are only coming off of 2 straight back-to-back Stanley Cup championships. That was the Pens 9th straight playoff series win. Fuck. It doesn’t matter how successful they are, Crosby is still not a, but THE bitch.

Good fight from all the boys, but in the end it wasn’t good enough. Even so, you can’t go without praising Coots and the way he rounded out the year. cap off playing through 2 games with a shredded MCL with a heroic hat trick today. What a menace. Oh and s/o refs for staying silent during this doozy which blatantly changed the game, too:

Stellar sell by Coots, but still, there was enough of a pure trip there to blow the whistle. And that basically was that. Even Jason Kelce couldn’t awesomely bring it home:

Can’t win ‘em all. At least the #CityOfChampions still have a lot of dogs left in the fight. We continue to #TrustTheProcess on Tuesday night into the Eastern Conference Semi’s and, Gosh Dangit, HOW ‘BOUT THEM PHILS??? A clean 4-game sweep over a decent Pirates team has to have Gabe Capler whipping out his best Coconut Oil tonight. Right that bell, baby. RING IT.


PS – FUCK anybody who threw shit on the ice at the end of the game. Completely unwarranted. Tired of the damn shitbag minority consistently representing the majority.