2018 NBA Draft: Who Has Declared, Signed an Agent or Announced Return to School


I plan on keeping this updated as we find out more names until we get through the NCAA Tournament. As always I’ll be providing individual scouting reports leading up to the draft, breaking down 50 or so prospects. For now though we’ll just focus on quickly talking about some of the players and where they fall in declaring, signing an agent or returning to school. 11:59 pm on April 22 is the deadline for NBA early entry eligibility with 5:00 pm on June 11 being the early entry withdraw date.  I’ll do my best to keep this as accurate as possible, but I’m sure a name or two will be missed. 

Trae Young (Oklahoma – projected lottery pick) – He has decent size at 6’2? – he just looks smaller due to his weight, something that will change as he’ll likely add 10 pounds with NBA strength departments. He’s an excellent passer and can obviously score with anyone in the country. The biggest question will be his defense and if he can truly take advantage of playing in more space next year.
Deandre Ayton (Arizona – projected top-3 pick) - . He’s beyond polished, has showcased the ability to step out and hit jumpers and is blocking more than a shot per game. He has been put in some bad defensive positions on the floor when he’s out there with Ristic, but you can see why people are so high on him.
Mo Bamba (Texas – projected top-8 pick) – He’s an absolute freak defensively and has the ability to be a real game-changer on that side of the ball. He’s not as polished offensively as the other top guys here, especially the other bigs, but he’s the best defender of the group. He can fit in with a team that wants to play ‘small’ due to his ability to run the floor as well.
De’Anthony Melton (USC – projected late 1st round pick) – Melton missed this year due to eligibility questions stemming from the FBI fallout. He was someone who was able to impact the game without the ball in his hands last year and at 6’4? can guard multiple positions.
Allonzo Trier (Arizona – projected mid 2nd round pick) – I think Trier is an intriguing second round pick. This is a guy that can score at any level and that’s something that translates. He has good size for the wing, but the problem is he really struggles guarding anyone. He actually was pretty versatile this year, improving on his passing and rebounding despite being a high usage, ISO driven guy. He of course battled the NCAA with the suspensions due to a PED.
Keita Bates-Diop (Ohio State – projected late 1st round pick) – Bates-Diop was one of the breakout stars this year in college basketball earning second team All-American, after coming back from an injury-plagued sophomore year. Bates-Diop has good size on the wing at 6’7? and his release point on his jumper adds to that. He’s got a smooth stroke, but will have to find a way to add some explosiveness to his game. 
Anfernee Simons (IMG Academy – projected mid-late 1st round pick) - He’s a 6’4? combo guard that is viewed as a potential lead guard in the NBA. He has the ability to play both on and off the ball due to his ability to shoot, both off the bounce and in catch and shoot situations. He also has the ability to play both guard spots due to his athleticism. However, he does need to get stronger to play consistently at the next level.
Michael Porter Jr. (Missouri- projected top-5 pick) - Unfortunately college fans didn’t get to see much of Michael Porter Jr., this year as he played just 53 minutes, but he’s one of the most scouted prospects in the class. If he checks out with a clean bill of health he’s a lock for the top-5. At 6’10” he has unreal size to go with his ability to handle the ball and be a playmaker. He’s also an excellent rebounder. He’s someone who can be a franchise type player and what teams are looking for in this small-ball/positonless era.
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (Kentucky – projected lottery pick) - Gilgeous-Alexander has firmly planted himself as the third best point guard in this draft. He’s a 6’6? point guard with a 7’0? wingspan that should translate to being a good defender at the next level. He’s not unbelievably athletic or anything like that, but he does an excellent job of finding spots and attacking that way. During his run late in the year he started to show his ability to pull up off the dribble from three, adding that to his game.
Mikal Bridges (Villanova – projected top-10 pick) - I couldn’t love Bridges transition to the NBA more. He’s your prototypical 3-and-D guy with absurd wingspan. He has the capability to guard four positions, especially with the move to the small ball era. He’s 6’6? with a 7’2? wingspan that shot 43% from three this past season.
Marvin Bagley (Duke – projected top-5 pick) - He’s absolutely unreal on the glass and finishing in the post. He has arguably the quickest second jump we’ve seen in quite some time and it allows him to excel on the offensive glass. He finishes so well by getting that second jump.
Moe Wagner (Michigan – projected 2nd round pick) - Wagner is one of the more intriguing second round picks out there due to his size at 6’11” and ability to step away from the hoop. He does have plenty of post moves but he’s at his best out on the perimeter where he can attack off the bounce against other bigs or pick and pop. Defense is a concern as he’s not a rim protector, but his ability to score from the center spot is highly intriguing.
Malik Newman (Kansas – projected 2nd round pick) - Newman was a one-time top-10 recruit before he transferred from Mississippi State to Kansas, sat out a year and really bought into the Kansas system. He was absolutely awesome this year, especially late in the year playing next to Devonte’ Graham. He’s a scoring guard who has good size and can create for himself. He started shooting the ball at an elite level at Kansas and can play on or off the ball.
Bruce Brown (Miami – projected late 1st/early 2nd round pick) - Brown was a projected borderline lottery pick before the season started due to his ability to defend multiple positions. However, he missed the last quarter or so of the season due to injury and his stock has fallen a bit. He still may sneak into the first round, but he really needs to show he can shoot the ball during workouts.
Jalen Brunson (Villanova – projected late 1st/early 2nd round pick) - Brunson accomplished just about everything this year while in college, including graduating in three years. He’s exactly what you want in a second unit point guard as he really improved his ability to create for himself off the bounce. He’s not going to impress anyone with his athleticism, but his ability to score and set up others will make him a 12-year pro.
Jaren Jackson Jr. (Michigan State – projected top-5 pick) - Jackson was a bit overshadowed by his teammate Miles Bridges at the collegiate level, but believe me when I say Jaren Jackson Jr., is a freak and that’s a total compliment. He averaged 3 blocks per game, has the ability to stretch the floor and shot over 39% from three. His big problem was his ability to stay on the floor as he constantly found himself in foul trouble. That’s going to be the question to watch at the next level is if he can defend without fouling
Aaron Holiday (UCLA – projected late 1st/early 2nd round pick) - Holiday had a breakout season this year as the go-to guy for UCLA after being the 6th man last year. He showed the ability to play both on or off the ball during his time with Lonzo Ball. He has good length to play at the next level, especially on the defensive side of the ball. He’s almost exactly what you want in a backup point guard with that combined with his shooting/scoring ability
Collin Sexton (Alabama – projected top-10 pick) - Sexton might be the highest competitor in this draft from a personality standpoint. There are questions about his ability to shoot consistently and if he can can avoid tunnel vision. He’ll be the likely first point guard taken though as he has good size and his athleticism is off the charts.
Miles Bridges (Michigan State – projected top-12 pick) - Bridges had some major expectations to live up to after he had a historic freshman year and was a near-consensus preseason Player of the Year. However, Bridges was still damn good despite playing out of position. He showed his ability to shoot and more importantly raised his free throw shooting by about 20%.
Zhaire Smith (Texas Tech – projected top-20 pick) – One of the fastest risers up the draft boards, Zhaire Smith became a one-and-done despite being a sub-200 prospect out of high school. He is an excellent defender and his athleticism is through the roof. He needs to develop a better jumper – he did shoot 45% on threes but attempted just 1 per game. He has a ton of potential to turn into an Otto Porter/Iguodala type player.
Kevin Knox (Kentucky – projected top-12 pick) - Knox really got going during the second half of the year. The key was getting him to move off the ball, instead of waiting for a drive and kick. He ran off baseline screens, flex screens and curl screens. However, at 6’9? he has great size and can really score the ball. He showed his baseline floater that can be a serious weapon at the next level.
Lonnie Walker (Miami – projected top-20 pick) - Walker dealt with a meniscus injury right before the season started and you could tell it bothered him during the early part. He does have the NBA-ready body though, especially with a 6’10” wingspan. He can defend multiple positions, but the question is going to be how consistent can he be offensively?
Troy Brown (Oregon – projected late 1st round pick) - I actually really like Brown’s game and think he could be one of the steals of the draft, especially if he falls into the mid-20s. He can play a bit of point forward as he handles the ball extremely well at 6’7?. He does need to improve his shooting though as that’s a bit of a mess, however he’s an extremely high-level IQ player.
Shake Milton (SMU – projected late 1st/early 2nd round pick) - Milton has the ability to play both on and off the ball, especially with what he did at SMU. He did battle an injury during this season, so that’s a bit of a concern as he goes through workouts, but Milton can really shoot the hell out of the ball. He’ll be a great fit for a team that needs a knockdown shooter as he’s an excellent catch and shoot guy off the ball.
Chime Metu (USC – projected early 2nd round pick) - Metu is a unique prospect at 6’11” he started to try and shoot from the outside this year. However, he’s more known for being a face up post player and averaged over 15 and 7 this year at USC. He’s someone that can be a perfect backup big man in this era’s NBA.
Justin Jackson (Maryland – projected 2nd round pick/undrafted) - Jackson played in just 11 games this year before suffering a season-ending injury. Depending how he tests out during the workouts will determine where he goes. He was very underwhelming in the 11 games he played in, so workouts and doctors results will be crucial to his game.
Landry Shamet (Wichita State – projected late 1st/early 2nd round pick) - Shamet is an intriguing prospect due to his size and ability to score from both on and off the ball. Now, at Wichita he played almost strictly on the ball, but he can play off the ball. He’s going to fall into that group in the late 1st/early 2nd with point guards like Holiday, Brunson, Graham, Carter, etc so it will depend on team want. His biggest question will be can he create space against better athletes.
Hamidou Diallo (Kentucky – projected 2nd round pick) – Diallo actually hurt his stock by coming back to Kentucky for what was his freshman year. However, he showed flashes and someone will take a shot at him early in the second round because of his athleticism and the fact that he should be a great defender on the wing. He does need to figure out his shot and get consistent offensively, but he’ll be an early 2nd round pick.
Tony Carr (Penn State – projected 2nd round pick) - Carr decided to sign with an agent leaving Penn State fans heartbroken as they would have been preseason top-25 with him back. Carr has great size to play at the next level, but he was poor at finishing at the rim this year despite averaging over 20 per game. He needs to shoot well during workouts and he could possibly climb into the late first round.
Trevon Duval (Duke – projected 2nd round pick) - Duval declaring isn’t a surprise, simply because you don’t want people nitpicking your game even more. He’s who he is though. He’s a point guard that really struggles to shoot the ball but is an elite athlete that has flashes of greatness with his passing. He just needs to develop that jumper at some point.
Gary Trent (Duke – projected 2nd round pick) - Trent started to really shoot the ball well after about 15 games this year, but that’s really all his game is at this point. He’s a liability defensively and he’s not really a playmaker on the offensive side. I’m a bit surprised he signed with an agent as I thought he could have thrived playing with someone like Tre Jones and Cam Reddish next year. Trent will likely be used as a microwave scorer off the bench as a catch and shoot guy.
Brandon McCoy (UNLV – projected late 2nd round pick) - 10 years ago, Brandon McCoy would likely be a top-15 pick. He’s a traditional post player, who was actually really good this year at UNLV. The problem is he doesn’t really have a jumper and just relies on rebounding and scoring around the rim. That’s why he’ll fall to the second round here.
Rawle Alkins (Arizona – projected 2nd round pick) - It’s tough to judge Alkins this year as he missed the first part of the season dealing with a foot injury. He should be someone who can defend a couple of different positions while being a good shooter from the wing.

Deng Adel (Louisville – projected undrafted)
Drew Eubanks (Oregon State – projected undrafted)
Corey Sanders (Rutgers – projected 2nd round pick/undrafted)
Leron Black (Illinois – projected undrafted)
Eric Davis (Texas – projected undrafted)
Jack McVeigh (Nebraska – projected undrafted)
Dikembe Dixson (UIC – projected undrafted)
Mustapha Herron (Auburn – projected undrafted)
Harry Froling (Marquette – projected to play overseas)
Kostas Antetokounmp (Dayton – projected to play overseas)
Terry Larrier (UConn – projected free agent)
Ray Spalding (Louisville – projected 2nd round pick/undrafted)
Lagerald Vick (Kansas – projected late 2nd round/undrafted)
DJ Hogg (Texas A&M – projected undrafted)
Max Montana (San Diego State – projected undrafted)
Brandon Sampson (LSU – projected undrafted)
Elijah Bryant (BYU – projected undrafted)

Ajdin Penava (Marshall – projected late 2nd round pick/undrafted)
Doral Moore (Wake Forest – projected undrafted)
David Skara (Clemson – projected undrafted)

Testing the waters – declaring without an agent
Josh Okogie (Georgia Tech – projected late second rounder/rookie free agent) 
Tyler Cook (Iowa – projected rookie free agent)
Jalen McDaniels (San Diego State – projected late second rounder/rookie free agent)
Jon Davis (Charlotte – projected rookie free agent)
Lindell Wigginton (Iowa State – projected late second rounder/rookie free agent)
Fletcher Magee (Wofford – projected rookie free agent)
Kameron Chatman (Detroit – projected rookie free agent) 
Yoeli Childs (BYU – projected rookie free agent)
Jon Elmore (Marshall – projected rookie free agent)
Terence Davis (Ole Miss – projected rookie free agent)
Carsen Edwards (Purdue – projected rookie free agent)
Jarrey Foster (SMU – projected late 2nd rounder/rookie free agent)
Robert Franks (Washington State – projected rookie free
Ethan Happ (Wisconsin – projected rookie free agent)
Shamorie Ponds (St. John’s – projected rookie free agent)

Demajeo Wiggins (Bowling Green – projected rookie free agent)
Justin Wright-Foreman (Hofstra – projected rookie free agent)
Jacob Evans (Cincinnati – projected late 1st round pick)
Melvin Frazier (Tulane – projected undrafted)
Jontay Porter (Missouri – projected 2nd round pick)
Jerome Robinson (Boston College – projected 2nd round pick)
Jalen Hudson (Florida – projected 2nd round pick)
PJ Washington (Kentucky – projected undrafted)
Sagabe Konate (West Virginia – projected undrafted)
Kerwin Roach (Texas – projected undrafted)
Kris Wilkes (UCLA – projected undrafted)
Cody Martin (Nevada – projected 2nd round pick)
Jordan Carolina (Nevada – projected undrafted)
Caleb Martin (Nevada- – projected 2nd round pick)
James Palmer (Nebraska – projected undrafted)
Admiral Schofield (Tennessee – projected undrafted)
Tyler Hall (Montana State – projected undrafted)
Justin James (Wyoming – projected undrafted)
Tookie Brown (Georgia Southern – projected undrafted)
Chris Clemons (Campbell – projected undrafted)
Robert Franks (Washington State – projected 2nd round pick)
Reid Travis (Stanford – projected undrafted)
Barry Brown (Kansas State – projected undrafted)
Isaac Copeland (Nebraska – projected undrafted)
Noah Dickerson (Washington – projected undrafted)
Tremaine Isabell (Drexel – projected undrafted)
DeAngelo Isby (Utah State – projected undrafted)
Zach Johnson (Florida Gulf Coast – projected undrafted)
Elijah Minnie (Eastern Michigan – projected undrafted)
Shelton Mitchell (Clemson – projected undrafted)
Matt Morgan (Cornell – projected undrafted)
Marcquise Reed (Clemson – projected undrafted)
Deshon Tyler (Fresno State – projected undrafted)
Andrien White (Charlotte – projected undrafted)
Esa Ahmad (West Virginia – projected undrafted)
C.J. Burks (Marshall – projected undrafted)
Trayvon Reed (Texas Southern – projected undrafted)
Ahmaad Rorie (Montana – projected undrafted)
Dominic MaGee (Southern Miss – projected undrafted)
Admon Gilder (Texas A&M – projected undrafted)
Quindary Weatherspoon (Mississippi State – projected undrafted)
Lamar Peters (Mississippi State – projected undrafted)
Austin Wiley (Auburn – projected 2nd round pick)
Ky Bowman (Boston College – projected undrafted)
Nick Ward (Michigan State – projected undrafted)
Eugene German (Northern Illinois – projected undrafted)
Dewan Huell (Miami – projected undrafted)
Isaiah Moss (Iowa – projected undrafted)
Zane Martin (Towson – projected undrafted)
Jared Harper (Auburn – projected undrafted)
Jaylen Hands (UCLA – projected undrafted)
Nick Weatherspoon (Mississippi State – projected undrafted)
Bruno Fernando (Maryland – projected 2nd round pick)
Juwan Morgan (Indiana – projected undrafted)
Max Strus (DePaul – projected undrafted)
Khyri Thomas (Creighton – projected top-25 pick)
Austin Wiley (Auburn – projected 2nd round pick/undrafted)
Bryant Crawford (Wake Forest – projected undrafted)
Tyus Battle (Syracuse – projected late 1st/early 2nd rounder)
Kevin Hueter (Maryland – projected undrafted)
Donte DiVincenzo (Villanova – projected late 1st/early 2nd rounder)
Omari Spellman (Villanova – projected 2nd rounder)
Udoka Azubuike (Kansas – projected 2nd rounder/undrafted)
Jarred Vanderbilt (Kentucky – projected 2nd rounder/undrafted)
Wenyen Gabriel (Kentucky – projected undrafted)
Mike Daum (South Dakota State – projected 2nd round pick/undrafted)
Brian Bowen (South Carolina – projected 2nd round pick/undrafted)
Chris Silva (South Carolina – projected undrafted)
Nojel Eastern (Purdue – projected undrafted)
Aric Holman (Mississippi State – projected undrafted)
Christian Vital (UConn – projected undrafted)