Even With The Best Offense In Baseball, The Red Sox Got No-Hit By Sean Manaea In Oakland

Baseball’s a weird game, man. But that’s why it’s great. You can be the hottest team on the planet, which the Red Sox were/are, and randomly get no-hit on a Saturday night in Oakland. No excuses — just gotta tip your cap and give all the props in the world to Sean Manaea, who absolutely dealt tonight. It’s no fluke, either. He came into Saturday night’s start with a 1.63 ERA in 27.2 innings over his first four starts of the season. After his history-making performance against Boston, his ERA dropped down to 1.23 in 2018. The kid’s filthy and he deserves all the shine he’s gonna get from this.

Manaea punched out ten Red Sox hitters over his nine-inning masterpiece, walked a pair of batters, and was the beneficiary of a couple of controversial calls. The first one was at first base when Andrew Benintendi legged out an infield single that was later overturned, and the second one was a very questionable ruling of an error on Marcus Semien.


On the Benintendi play, that was probably the right call. The rule is sort of open to interpretation, but he took more than one step after he went outside the base path. I’m fine with that one.


However, I went back and watched the play where Sandy Leon blooped a fly ball into no man’s land in shallow left-center. Semien was the one who got there, and the ball hit off the heel of his glove before hitting the grass. I’m sorry, but that’s not ruled an error if there’s not a no-hitter in progress. After the play, the A’s broadcaster said, “It seems like it should be a hit.” Hell, even Manaea himself thought it was a hit. It was ruled an error, and ehhhhh that’s some hometown scoring for ya.

I mean, you can’t really assume the out on that play when the shortstop is so far into the outfield that the infield dirt isn’t even in the frame anymore.

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 10.54.00 PM

It is what it is, though. Not trying to take away from Manaea’s accomplishment whatsoever, but the controversial calls were certainly a part of the story. Whether the Red Sox got no-hit, or they lost 3-0 via a two-hit, complete game shutout, the loss counts the same. It’s not the end of the world, and the Red Sox losing a game is not the story here — it’s Manaea and how awesome he was on Saturday night. So again, a tip of the cap to him for one hell of a performance that was pretty damn cool to see in person.

On the Red Sox side of things, Chris Sale struggled a little bit in the early going, finishing the third inning at 57 pitches. He settled in nicely after that, and ended up going seven innings with ten strikeouts of his own. He allowed three earned runs on six hits, and for the second straight year has just one win after his first five starts of the season, while also having an ERA under two.

Listen, getting no-hit sucks. It’s not fun. That being said, this is a big deal for the A’s, but it is not a big deal for the Red Sox. It’s just one loss. The Red Sox have three of those in 20 games. David Price goes in the series finale on Sunday, and he’s coming off a solid start against the Angels this past Tuesday. Win the game, you win the series and the beat goes on.

Final score: Athletics 3, Red Sox 0