Max Scherzer Outdueled Kershaw In Another Magnificent Start

Let me tell you a story real quick- I’m sick as a dog. I went to bed last night at 6 and slept on and off until 10:30 this morning. I made a trip to Rite Aid in between, I couldn’t even tell you what time, to restock on tissues and pick up some soup. That could have been anywhere between midnight and 3am, I have no idea. And while being sick sucks, what sucked even more was knowing Max was pitching vs Kershaw and I couldn’t watch it. Ever time I tried to lift my head to make an attempt at picking up my laptop to pull up the game, I would turn over and hallucinate a bit and fall back asleep. Oh yeah, shout out to NyQuil. I LOADED up on that shit. Hallucinations for days. Almost paralyzing to a point where I didn’t eat or anything until that can of soup in the wee hours of the morning, but boy does all that sleep make me feel better. I woke up this morning feeling significantly better, and then I immediately went to see how Scherzer did and I did a backflip out of bed.

*And 1 MixTape Voice* Oh baby!!!!

Hilarious comment about it from the Nats Instagram:

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 11.51.40 AM

And he got a hit off Kershaw.

PS: Shout out Pitching Ninja!!!!!