Foo Fighters Invite Fan In KISS Facepaint On Stage To Play With Them And He CRUSHES It


I feel like there’s so many of these videos where a fan catches Dave Grohl’s eye from the crowd and winds up tearing the house down playing drums, or guitar, or even singing with the Foo Fighters that we would be within our right here at Barstool to hire a beat writer to only blog when this happens…but god dammit I’ll never get tired of watching these moments. This one is undoubtably the best one yet, with Yayo Sanchez (AKA “KISS Guy”) outperforming everyone’s expectations (but most importantly Grohl’s, who couldn’t even keep it together for a bit) and absolutely SHREDDING. Brought his own fucking pick to do so! He knocked it out of the park SO much when given a quick opportunity to get creative with the riff of ‘Monkey Wrench’ that the band gave him his own section of the track to blow the crowd’s socks off with a solo, and that he did. And then, in the BALLSIEST MOVE OF ALL TIME, he gave the song a show-closing sequence to the magnitude you’d think he was headlining Wembley and finishing up an encore…and it actually paid off. He read the room correctly! They wanted it! Incredible.

I can’t even imagine how great it must feel for Yayo when things went the way they did on that stage, on that night, as the crowd chanted “KISS GUY!”. That’s a scene right out of a kid raised on rock n’ roll’s fairytales.

Enjoy your Friday night folks.