Join 4x* Barstool Awards Winner As He Literally Plays Video Games From His Mother's Basement To Win $3,000 #BarstoolBattle

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We’re back, baby! It’s been over 4 days since we got cut open, been outside, and have taken a shit (actually worried about that one), but things are finally looking up. We’re now able to hold a controller without screeching like a school girl and contribute(?) to society. Not to mention we’re fresh off walking out of the #BarstoolAwards with a company high 4* golden sandwich things, and we didn’t even have to show up. And, yes, the * is for Michael Rapaport’s worst hiring decision as I’m claiming another victory for exposing that fraud hack fuck. Fuck that clown.

Now let’s settle back to the business of you, yes YOU, winning money off of Barstool by simply playing video games. Millions, possibly billions are affected by the Fortnite addiction that has swept the globe faster and more deadly than the Spanish Flu (metaphorically, I think). It was only a matter of time before we decide to battle not only for might and integrity, but cold hard cash. And rightfully so.


The good people over at have joined forces with Gametime to offer a week long, free to enter Fortnite tournament in which $3,000 is up for grabs. $3K. Straight cash homie. That’s no chump change. Myself and Devlin are participating in this jazz so you better bring your A++++ Game. I can’t speak for Dev, but my skills at Fortnite are something only the God’s of ineptitude speak of:

But for real, ever since we started streaming all we hear is how people can clock our cocks left and right. Well, degenerates, now it’s time to prove it on the big stage. For $3K. It’s free to enter, so there’s really no excuse not to at least dabble in the dank of Moisty. Here is the fine print:

Contest is LIVE. In order to sign up to compete on GamerzArena, you must log in via your Twitch account. If you do not have one, you will be prompted to create one and will then be able to create an account on GamerzArena.

Steps to enter into a contest:

1. Select Arena at the top of the site.

2. Click on Select for Fortnite.

3. Click on Enter Now for the Barstool Gametime Contest.

4. You will be on the Prizes and Leaders Page and make sure to click on RULES to the right and REVIEW THE RULES!

5. Once you have reviewed the rules, click on the purple “Enter Now” in the upper right.

6. IMPORTANT: Make sure your Twitch stream is live (you do not have to appear on camera, gameplay only is acceptable).

7. MORE IMPORTANT: Click Start Contest Now and you will see the site connect to your stream. Once this happens, you will have 3 hours to play as many games as you want, but once you get a game with a kill count that you want to be counted, click on Finish Entry on the site! Select Disqualify this entry for games that are 0 kills or lower than your current score on the leaderboard.

8. You have UNLIMITED FREE REENTRIES and can only improve your score!

The contest is going to be Solo Play High Kills. This means we will take the number of kills that you get in a single game and this will be the score that will appear on the leaderboard. Again, you have unlimited free reentries so don’t hesitate to reenter and improve that score! There is live chat support on the site, and we have support in our Discord as well – HERE

And that’s that. At my signal, unleash hell #BarstoolBattle


This is the first time I’ve dabbled in the #BarstoolBattle since the night before my surgery when I had to be at the hospital at 6am…and we kept playing one more until, 6am. We’re not exactly smarter than the average bear.

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At least Davey Pageviews is paying attention to what’s going on here like he did with the cult classic Barstool Drive. Oh, wait: