The Late, Great Gil Santos Call of Super Bowl XXXVI Takes You Into the Weekend

I can think of no better way to send Patriots play-by-play god Gil Santos off to Radio Valhalla than with his own greatest moment: His call of the final plays of Super Bowl XXXVI. A sound that to this day, 17 years, four championships, over a hundred Pats games and an incalculable number of historic plays later, is still capable of putting a single, manly, Spartacus tear in my eye. I am not joking. His call of Adam Vinatieri’s game winning kick inspired me to change my Patriots Planet Message Board name from “Mowatt’s Penis” (look it up) to “It’s Good, It’s Good.” From the lowest moment in team history to the highest. I had the sound of the call on a talking bottle opener and it made me weep harder the more I heard it. Though that might have been from the drinking.

Anyway, Santos’s unmistakable voice, flawless verbiage (i.e. The Snow Bowl when he said “Vinatieri … Kicks the ball 45 yards through a maelstrom!!!“) and rapid fire, perfectly descriptive play calls were the sound of two generations of Patriots fans. And the first half of the Bradichick Dynasty. Just a staple of the first three championship DVDs. He certainly was that to me, since I go back far enough to remember when all the home games were blacked out on local TV and I was too young to watch from a bar, all the way up to the 90s when the games were on the WBCN “Rock Radio Network” and he and poor Gino Cappelletti were forced to read excruciatingly awkward condom ads. But like everything else he did, he did it like a pro.

Goodspeed, Gil Santos. When the Good Lord finally calls me home, I want Him to sound like you.