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Has Anyone Ever Had As Many Hits As Avicii?

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After the RIP Avicii blog I tweeted out a few of my favorite songs, and the responses came flooding in.  Each person naming their favorite song, and almost every single one was different.  It’s almost unbelievable how many hits this guy had in such a short career.  Don’t forget he just passed away at 28 – not even 30 yet, and this list is so long it might cause our website to stop loading.

Every single one of these you can throw on at a party and never even think about changing it.

Seek Bromance


Wake Me Up

Broken Arrows


Hey Brother

The Nights

Addicted To You

Fade Into Darkness

The Days

Without You

Lonely Together

Lay Me Down

My Feeling For You

A Sky Full of Stars

You Make Me

Waiting For Love

Divine Sorrow


I’m sure I’m missing a bunch too.  Hit after hit after hit.  Too many to even name.  Unreal career cut far too short.