Police Sgt. Out on Stress Disability Under Fire for Her Beach Vacation Instagrams

Sergeant Leanne CarrInstagramSergeant Leanne Carr instagramCop8

SourceA POLICE poster girl — who had been off work for seven months from her £45,000-a-year ($81,000) job with stress — has been sharing raunchy snaps of her luxurious holidays.

Sergeant Leanne Carr, who has appeared in promotional material for Lincolnshire Police, has been busy sharing pictures of herself snorkelling in Thailand and chilling on the beach in Cyprus. …

Sgt Carr was probed by colleagues last year after an internal investigation was carried out into misconduct, and later was signed off with a stress-related illness.

Detective Supt Suzanne Davies said told The Sun Online: “The officer in question was absent from work due to illness for a period of seven months while an internal misconduct investigation was carried out.” …

[C]olleagues have slammed the cop.

A police source told the Mail Online: “This is a senior officer — a sergeant earning around £45,000-a-year ($81,000) — and in my opinion some of the photos are not befitting of someone in that role.”

You don’t need to have been around The Stool long to know I take a back seat to no man when it comes to supporting law enforcement. But Leanne Carr’s  so-called colleagues who are questioning her motives can fuck right off with this.

I know people who are scamming the system. I used to work for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I’ve worked with guys who saw a bad back as a license to print money. Who looked at something like Carpal Tunnel as a Golden Ticket to the Wonka Factory that is disability. For whom something like a slip and fall down a stair case with no witnesses wasn’t something to be avoided; it was a career goal. The patron saint of all phony Masshole disability scammers was the Boston firefighter who claimed he couldn’t work because he was too injured to lift anything and then turned up winning body building contest. Like he wanted everyone to believe he packed on 150 lbs of solid muscle doing yoga. And he was collecting 82 percent of his salary, tax free.

I wasn’t one of them. But I will say that every time CDC came out with warnings about a new illness like SARS, Monkey Pox or Asian Bird Flu, I saw something else I could bang in sick to work with. So again, I know of what I speak. And despite the investigation and the backstabbing by her ex-fellow officers, I don’t begrudge Sgt. Carr a thing on this one.

Hey unnamed “police source,” it’s 2018. Do you know what stressed out blondes with fake cans and above average asses do to relax? They post bathing suit shots on Instagram. Maybe they do other things as well, but I’ll be damned if I know what they are. Listen to Adele. Watch This is Us. Go on Pinterest. I’m just guessing here. But they definitely pose on the beach for their Insta. Just because back in your day it was all about “stiff upper lip, Old Boy,” firing down a few single malts after work and sucking it up for Queen and Country doesn’t mean my girl Leanne can’t get rid of the stress by holding a pair of pineapples in front of her nipples. So back off. Let her treat her anxiety the way she sees fit. Here’s to you, Sgt. Carr. Hope you get well soon.