Is Bringing Your Hockey Stick To The Bar A Hockey Guy Move Or A Muppet Move?


First of all, if it wasn’t for the Capitals jersey then I’d be 100% positive that this is a photo of Bubbles.


But I can’t imagine anybody from Sunnyvale would ever support those shitapillars. So alas, we just have some random dude bringing his twig out to the bar to catch the Caps game. And you know what? I’ve got a couple of answers here for the headline.

For starters, it all depends on what time of the year it is. If buddy over here was just going out to watch the Caps play the Sabres in game 36 of the regular season then I’d say maybe leave the stick at home. But game 4 in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs while the boys are on the road? Hell yeah, bud. You do whatever you want to do. Because It’s The Cup. Maybe that’s his lucky stick. Maybe that lucky stick is the reason why the Caps won 4-1 last night to tie the series up at 2-2. I can’t hate on that one bit.

The other reason why I don’t have an issue with this move at all is the same reason why I always keep a couple of sticks in my car. You just never know when you’re going to come across a hockey game. And you always have to be prepared. Whenever anybody gets in to the passenger side of my car, they always bitch at me as they trip over my hockey sticks getting in. They come at me with shit like that I haven’t played in a competitive hockey game in like 8 years and there’s no reason for a 26-year-old blogger to be driving around multiple twigs everywhere I go. And then I also kick them out of my car and never talk to them again because I don’t need anybody in my life who can’t realize those sticks are in there for the potential of coming across a pick up game. So our guy over here with his stick at the bar? He’s ready for that moment. And I can respect that.

So final verdict? Total hockey guy move. Even if that specific stick is dusty as AIDS.