Kevin Lee Once Again Misses Weight For A UFC Main Event

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MMAFighting- One half of the UFC Atlantic City main event came in overweight for the official weigh-ins.

Kevin Lee, who faces Edson Barboza in a five-round lightweight clash at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ, Saturday night, weighed in at 157 pounds on Friday morning with only three minutes to spare in the two-hour window.

The fight will proceed as a catchweight, and Lee will forfeit 20 percent of his purse.

Here’s an excerpt from a blog I wrote on October 6th, 2017…

Kevin Lee has missed weight for his UFC Interim Lightweight Championship on Saturday night against Tony Ferguson. God dammit. Yesterday he said he was 174lbs, and this morning he couldn’t hit 155lb on the scale. Shocker!

From the video of his weigh in, he looked legitimately shocked, and he’s only one pound off, so I’m kinda giving him the benefit of the doubt, but it’s so fucking selfish to miss weight at this level of competition. You jeopardize not only your own health (if you’re fighting in a weight class not fit for you) but your opponent’s purse as well. Fighters have families too, and they need to have money to support those families. Someone like Tony Ferguson probably has a good amount of money, but this fight is undoubtedly his “big break” when it comes to headlining a card for an Interim title. Even Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson’s revenue tomorrow is put into question because of this carelessness, because part of his contract gives him pay per view points. If Kevin Lee vs Tony Ferguson doesn’t happen, less people buy the show, and less money goes into Johnson’s pocket. It’s bullshit, and something needs to be done by either the UFC or the athletic commissions to regulate weight cuts with more safety and control. ONE FC in Singapore has everyone fight at weights extremely similar to what they’re walking around at thanks to hydration testing, and while that is a huge plan to install (and would likely strip most champions of their titles), it’s necessary to the growth of mixed martial arts. It could also save the lives of those who die trying to cut a few extra pounds in a weight division they don’t belong in.

Kevin Lee eventually made weight for that fight, and went on to lose via submission in the third round to Tony Ferguson, but I made sure to state that everything in the blog still stood true, and clearly…it still does! Missing weight is unprofessional (and more importantly, unhealthy) at any level of combat sports, but when the UFC is putting enough faith in you to main event multiple cards, and you miss on two in a row, guess what? It’s time to move up a division, homeboy! Not only because you’re now making a portion of what you’re supposed to be making, or because of the health issues it could lead to, but because now you’re gonna start getting that Johny Hendricks-like reputation. Ain’t nooooooobody wants that.

This fight will now go on as a catchweight bout which Edson Barboza has accepted, with Kevin Lee surrendering 20% of his total purse for the night to him (he will not receive additional time to retry weighing in, 11am was the deadline), but I think it’s time to see what Lee can do at welterweight.

Lee released this statement afterwards:

I don’t know about you guys, but for me, “Ran outta time” is only applicable when you take a fight on short notice. The weigh-ins can’t necessarily sneak up on ya if you signed a contract months ago.