The Crease Dive Episode 13 Featuring Former #1 Overall Pick In The MLL And NLL Draft Kevin Crowley



The 2018 MLL Draft was held earlier this week. I understand the MLL is still just a baby of a league and is probably a little less popular than the college game, but it’s still an incredible achievement for all of the seniors who were drafted this week regardless. With the draft in mind, we brought Kevin Crowley on to this week’s episode of the podcast. Crowley was the #1 overall pick in the 2011 MLL Draft to the Hamilton Nationals as well as the #1 overall pick in the 2011 NLL Draft to the Philadelphia Wings. #1 overall in both professional leagues. Not a big deal or anything.

The Big Cat now plays with the New England Black Wolves in the NLL and for the Charlotte Hounds in the MLL. He talked about the Black Wolves’ current push for the playoffs with 2 games left to go in their regular season. He leads the league with 49 goals on the year so if they’re going to get into the playoffs, it’s because #21 is filling the back of the net. And then we also talked about how loaded the Charlotte Hounds are going to be offensively this year after they just picked up Connor Fields with their 1st round pick in this year’s draft.

Quick sidenote here to pump our own tires but The Crease Dive had 5 former guests drafted in the first 2 rounds on Wednesday. Trevor Baptiste went #1 overall to Boston, Joel Tinney went 5th to New York, Justin Guterding went 9th to Ohio, Ian MacKay went 13th to Chesapeake and then John Sexton went 18th to Dallas. And that number of former guests in the first 2 rounds is going to keep growing in the next few weeks, just as a heads up.

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Weekend Preview (April 20 – 22)

#14 Navy @ #9 Syracuse | Saturday, 2pm | ESPN3


Real talk, I think I’m going to spend the rest of my day rewatching the 2004 National Championship game between these two teams. And since I love and care about you all, you can watch as well.

Fuck, man. I miss the days of Mikey Powell in college lacrosse so much. Now this game tomorrow may not be as big of a matchup as May 31, 2004 was, but we’re still going to see a great game nonetheless. Both teams are ranked. Both teams are currently at the top of their respective conferences and would very much like to stay that way. Actually now that I think about it, I think regardless of what happens in this game they’ll both still be at the top of their conference. Syracuse is 7-4 but 4-0 in the ACC. They close out the season with Navy tomorrow and then Colgate in a couple of weeks. Navy is 8-4 and 7-1 in conference. Tomorrow is their last game of the regular season before they get into the Patriot League playoffs.

I think the one thing that will play into Navy’s hands for this game tomorrow is the fact that they’re a much older team than Syracuse. Navy has a freshman down at attack and a freshman down at defense. Other than that, the majority of the guys who play for them are either juniors or seniors. Meanwhile, Syracuse is led by sophomore Stephen Rehfuss and are very heavy on the freshmen and sophomore all over the field, with just a few juniors and seniors sprinkled around out there. So for a lot of these Navy Midshipmen, they know that this is their last crack at it. A win against Syracause tomorrow will go a long way to getting them into the NCAA tournament even if they can’t end up beating Loyola or Bucknell in the conference championship. So there’s not a ton of “analytics” that go into this one. I just think there’s more on the line for Navy in this game than there is for Cuse.


Ohio State @ #1 Maryland | Sunday, 2pm | ESPNU 


So on Saturday we have a rematch of the 2004 National Championship game with Cuse vs Navy. And then on Sunday we have a rematch of last year’s National Championship game between Maryland and Ohio State. Unfortunately… it’s been a pretty down year for the Buckeyes so this matchup doesn’t look as great as it should on paper. Ohio State is 6-6 after starting off the year with 4 wins in a row. 6 losses and only 2 wins since February 25th. Meanwhile the Terps are back to #1 in the nation with their only loss on the year so far being a 1-goal game to Albany.

With that being said, you can pretty much disregard everything that has already happened this season when it comes to this game on Sunday. If you’re the Ohio State Buckeyes, there’s not a single team in the nation you hate more than Maryland. Think about it. These teams played each other 3 times last season. Once in the regular season, then again in the Big Ten Championship, and once again in the National Championship. Ohio State was able to take down Maryland in their first matchup of the year but then Maryland came out to win the last two that actually had some hardware attached to them. That has to sting so fucking bad to watch a team who you beat in the regular season take you down twice when it mattered the most. Ya probably don’t want to miss this one.

#11 Penn State @ #10 Rutgers | Sunday, 7pm | Big Ten Network


Sunday Nights Are For Big Ten Lacrosse. SNAFTBTL. I might have to put that on a tshirt. But yeah, I’ve mentioned this before and the Big Ten game of the week getting a primetime spot on Sunday night is exactly what college lacrosse needs. I know that Comcast just fucked a bunch of people out of the Big Ten Network and will only being carrying it in states that have Big Ten schools but still. It’s 2018. Find a way to stream the game if you don’t have the channel.

Regardless, this his a big B1G matchup. Right now Penn State is 3rd in the conference at 2-1 in conference, and Rutgers is sitting there at 4th at 1-2 in conference. Assuming that Johns Hopkins takes care of Michigan this weekend, chances are that it’ll be Maryland and Hopkins with the top 2 seeds in the Big Ten Tournament. So I could be wrong here but I’m pretty sure that the winner of this game should pretty much determine the 3/4 seed in the tournament. If you want to play Hopkins in the semifinal then you better win this game. If not you’ll have a date with Maryland in the Big Ten semifinal game.

Now both of these teams only lost to Maryland by a goal this season. Rutgers did it last week and Penn State did it on April 8. Rutgers also only lost to Hopkins by a goal earlier in the season and Penn State is coming off a huge 14-12 win over Hopkins last week. So obviously all 4 of these teams are super close, especially Penn State and Rutgers. I guess this game will just come down to who can fill up the back of the net faster. Mac O’Keefe who has 31 goals on the year for Penn State, or Jules Heningburg who has 32 on the year for Rutgers.

#2 Albany @ #5 Yale | Sunday, 1pm | ESPN3


Sunday is going to be such a beauty of a day and it all starts off with a top 5 matchup up in New Haven. Now Albany hasn’t played since they dropped that major stunner against UMBC a couple of weeks ago. They had a bye week last weekend and their first game back is going to be tonight against Binghamton. Honestly, I feel absolutely horrible for the Bearcats because they’re going to catch the full wrath of a pissed off Albany offense. They haven’t had the opportunity to avenge that loss in damn near two weeks so it’s gonna get ugly out there. Hopefully they save a few goals in the tank for Sunday, however, because that’s where the real matchup is.

I said this in the last couple of episodes. I think the loss to UMBC will ultimately end up being huge for Albany moving forward. Especially coming right before their bye week. Because it gives them a chance to take a step back from being the #1 team in the nation, take a look at a few things and hit the reset button heading into this last month and a half until Memorial Day Weekend. I’m a big fan of the saying “you need to hate to lose more than you love to win”. I’m assuming the last two weeks has left a terrible taste in the Great Danes’ mouths and a taste they don’t want to have again at all this year.

But none of that means anything if they don’t take down Yale on Sunday. Because if you have a loss to UMBC plus a loss to Yale on your record, that might hurt you when it comes to figuring out which teams get to host an NCAA tournament game. And a win against Yale sure as shit isn’t going to be easy to come across considering they’ve only lost twice this year and both of them have been by 1 goal. And one of those was in overtime to open the season against Villanova playing at the Dallas Cowboys facility in Frisco. So yeah. This is going to be an absolute battle between two offenses that can finish the shit out of the ball. The one thing that Albany really has going for them in this one? Connor Fields is finally going to be back after missing the last couple of games with an injury. Even if Fields is only at 75-80%, he’s still one of the best feeders in the game and having him out there is going to do so much for freeing up space for Tehoka.


Other Good Games To Watch:

  • Army @ Loyola | Tonight, 7pm | CBS Sports Network
  • Lehigh @ Bucknell | Tonight, 7:30pm | Stream
  • Virginia vs Vermont | Saturday, 1pm

Jordie’s TCD Picks Of The Week (3-2 Last Week, 30-22-4 Overall)

Feels good to finally have a positive week again, boys. Things got a little fucky for a couple of weeks there but we’re finally back. Sunday is going to be a grinder so that cold streak may be coming back shortly. But I’ll take whatever I can get at this point and last weekend was much needed. My picks last week were…

  • Yale over Brown. They put up 27 goals in the process of beating that ass last week.
  • Hopkins over Penn State. The Nittany Lions came away with the 14-12 win.
  • Army over Navy. This game could have gone either way but it was Navy getting the 1-goal win.
  • Maryland over Rutgers. As I mentioned, the Terps got the 1-goal win.
  • And my Mortal Lock of the Week was Denver -6 over St. John’s. Recurring guest Trevor Baptiste and the Pios won by 9.

For this week’s picks, I’m riding with…

  • Navy +2 vs Syracuse (Navy outright)
  • Yale +2 against Albany (Albany outright)
  • Ohio State +4 against Maryland (Maryland outright)
  • Rutgers over Penn State
  • My Mortal Lock of the Week is going to be Vermont +4.5 against Virginia. I think Virginia is way too inconsistent plus Ian MacKay and the boys need to bounce back after getting upset by Stony Brook last week.

As for the kid Robby O, his picks went 2-3 last week but he’s been hot leading up to last weekend. He was suuuuuuper flippy floppy this week on his picks but after going back and forth a little, he finally decided on Navy over Cuse, Vermont over Virginia, Maryland over Ohio State and finally Albany over Yale. His Mortal for this week is Wagner +6 against Robert Morris. And make sure to throw him a follow on Twitter @R_Zetti for any other picks/lines.