The Search For Real Competition Continues, As The Red Sox Win Their Seventh Straight And Are Off To The Best Start By Any Team In 31 Years

MLB: APR 19 Red Sox at Angels

This is just stupid. As I write this, I’m sitting at the gate at JFK International Airport, waiting to board my flight to San Francisco. Once there, I will mosey on over to that dump of a stadium in Oakland, as I patiently await some real competition for the Boston Red Sox. We’ve been over the numbers already, but the Angels came into this series with the best numbers in the league across the board. Best batting average and OPS, most runs and home runs — you name it. The Red Sox blew their doors off. It wasn’t even close.

After another rout in Anaheim, the Red Sox ended up outscoring the Angels 27-3 over their three-game sweep. Twenty-seven to three! The Red Sox never played from behind for a single second. In two of the three games, the Angels were losing one batter into the game. It was a gong show.

And to all of the people saying, “Congrats on the April World Series!” What the fuck are Red Sox fans supposed to do? We can’t talk about this team until May? June? Let’s talk about the fact that the Red Sox are the first team to start a season 16-2 since the 1987 Brewers. That team ended up winning an underwhelming 91 games in the end, but we’re talking about the best start by a major league team in 31 years. Can we talk about that, or will that upset you?

Little update on the Red Sox run differential — they’re up to +66 through 18 games. The next best team, the Toronto Blue Jays, are a +37. Nobody has come remotely close to being as good as the Red Sox have been. Can we talk about that? All this talk about the offense, and rightfully so, but after Eduardo Rodriguez held the Angels to two earned runs over six innings, the Red Sox MLB-leading starting pitching ERA sits at 1.98, the only team in the big leagues with an ERA under two. Can we talk about that, or?

Mookie Betts led off the game with a home run for the second time in that three-game series. Andrew Benintendi hammered his first home run of the season in the sixth inning. Through Boston’s first 18 games last season, the Red Sox hit eight home runs. They hit eleven home runs in that Angels series alone. Slow start for JD Martinez? He had seven hits in the final two games of that Angels series, and he’s up to .338 with a .983 OPS for the year. He’s 15 for his last 32 (.469 with a 1.314 OPS) with three homers, three doubles, and 9 RBI over his last eight games. Some hot takes got outdated pretty quickly out here in these Twitter streets.

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For the record, the A’s can actually swing it a little bit. They’re one homer shy of the major league lead, fourth in runs scored, and second to the Red Sox in OPS. They’re a decent hitting team against lefties too, and that’s all they’ll be seeing in this series with Drew Pomeranz making his season debut tonight, Chris Sale in game two, and David Price on Sunday. Honestly, I’m just trying to talk myself into the possibility that these games might be competitive.


Final score: Red Sox 8, Angels 2