Barstool Basketball Mailbag: Transfers, Maryland Next Season, Better Pro Careers


With the college basketball season ‘over’ we’re going to expand the mailbag to a little bit of everything. We’re still going to run this every Friday like we do during the season, but we’ll be talking about college hoops, transfers, NBA Draft, NBA and recruiting questions. Reminder you can always submit questions on Twitter @barstoolreags

I’d argue that Wichita State losing Austin Reaves yesterday was the most surprising and impactful transfer for the wrong reason. Wichita loses a lot already with Frankamp, Shamet, Kelly and Morris all gone. It was going to be a built of a rebuild but still expectations for this year with Reaves, Lomax, McDuffie and Haynes-Jones as the core of this group. Then Lomax transferred to Memphis. Now Reaves is gone. Reaves is an intriguing transfer too because he has good size at 6’5″, shot the ball at over 42% from three and is expected to transfer to a known program.

In terms of immediately eligible for next season and where we know they are going. I think you have to look at Tariq Owens at Texas Tech. The St. John’s transfer is a 6’11” big man that is excellent at protecting the rim and can play within Beard’s defense. We saw him have success with transfers like Tommy Hamilton this season, and a change of scenery will likely benefit Owens. He’s someone that can defend, rebound and finish at the rim. Another name to keep an eye on is Makai Mason, the Yale transfer at Baylor. If he can stay healthy – he’s battled a foot injury the last two years, he’s someone that can make an immediate impact. Remember, he came onto the scene during Yale’s win over Baylor in the NCAA Tournament a few years ago.

Guys that haven’t committed to a new school yet but will be immediately eligible. Keyshawn Woods, Joe Cremo and Joseph Chartouny are names to keep an eye on.

Yeah, I think Underwood is going to be fine at Illinois. Obviously this past season didn’t go as planned, but it’s going to be a rebuild. Plus, you’ve seen Underwood succeed at his two previous places so history says he should be alright. The recruiting at Illinois has been successful but also come with a price to pay. We saw the situation with Talen Horton-Tucker and Ayo Dosunmu. Illinois was recruiting both, Dosunmu committed and then Horton-Tucker committed to Iowa State. Essentially it showed that Underwood and staff were building a pipeline with Mac Irvin AAU instead of Simeon. It’s essentially a line drawn in the sand that could have huge benefits or a huge risk. Illinois is a great coaching job. You have a ton of in state talent. You have a history. You have resources. You have an AD that is willing pay to you pretty big money. It’s all part of the reason as to why Underwood left for Illinois. However, it’s challenging due to the recruiting aspect. Chicago is one of the toughest places to recruit due to the brokers there and trying to properly align yourself with schools/programs. This was Underwood doing just that, the problem being it’s now publicly known. I don’t necessarily have a problem with it, but it’s worth keeping an eye on in the next couple years of recruiting. I trust that Underwood will have Illinois back soon.


You build around Jaylen Hoard and Isaiah Mucius and hope they stick around for a couple of years. You have two top-100 players coming in that are both wing players. Both are 6’8″ and 4/5 star guys. If Bryant Crawford comes back, you have a decent core assuming Hoard/Mucius live up to the hype. You have those three, Brandon Childress and Chaundee Brown to make up the backcourt and wings. That’s not too shabby. But, the problem is going to be in the front court. They should run small with Hoard and Mucius both out there and hope that Olivier Sarr develops this offseason.

This Maryland team should be decent. Cowan/Huerter are too good for them not to be, especially in a Big 10 conference that’s not really great. If Fernando comes back there’s absolutely 0 reason for them not to compete for a Big 10 title. Throw in the big time recruiting class (7th overall) and there’s depth and talent on this roster. As for Turgeon, it’s not even poor scheming. He just overmanages everything because he’s not great at communication and what he wants. When you talk to people they talk about how he’s actually a brilliant basketball mind. The problem is his inability to translate that to the players, which leads to over-coaching. With the talent that he has this year, he needs to just let them play. Put in your sets and schemes, but don’t try to manage every possession – something that too many college coaches try to do. Let the talent play.

I think it’s Bluiett but I also think it’s a lot closer than most people think. Bluiett was obviously an unreal college player, especially this year, but there are question marks when it comes to his future as a pro. The biggest question mark is his athleticism and if he can create for himself at the next level. I think his ability to shoot will translate and while he won’t be a first round pick or anything of that nature, he could catch on with a team. It wouldn’t shock me to see him as a 2-way player next season.


I have no idea what’s going to happen to Quade Green. When it comes to transferring or should someone stay/go to the NBA, I don’t like to say either way because you don’t know all what’s going on with the kid behind closed doors. There was the report yesterday that Calipari met with Green and talked about how he wanted him to return to the team and be a leader for next year’s squad. There was the story of how he’s debating a transfer to La Salle – save me the Ashley Howard story, I don’t think he’d transfer to La Salle if he does transfer. However, I do think we’re done seeing the platoon, even if Maxey/Hagans reclassified. You’ll see Calipari likely use a set rotation, but not the platoon.

1. Nevada
2. Michigan
3. Gonzaga
4. Baylor
5. Miami