Belichick Takes His Wolf to a Lacrosse Game Like a Boss

End of the Dynasty? What end of the Dynasty? The Patriots are supposedly in turmoil and chaos. Ex-players are saying the coach is an asshole. Current players are supposed to be in open revolt. Ownership is allegedly forcing moves and the GOAT reportedly debating quitting and the cornerstone tight end presumably ready to hold out for a new contract.

What’s the man sitting on the Iron Throne to do? Throw on his winter robes and take his queen and his Direwolf out for a little mid-April college lacrosse. That’s how you send the world the message that there is nothing but calm in the head that wears the warm, woolen crown.

So go ahead, other 31 kingdoms. Do you worst, those who dare conspire against him. The King of the North continues his reign. Long live the king. Long live Nike Belichick the Direwolf.