The Orioles Get Swept By The Tigers, Have Now Lost 6 Straight

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Jesus Christ man, we’re only 3 weeks into this season and it’s getting increasingly harder to watch this Orioles team. After they got swept by Boston, they had a very winnable series against Detroit. They then proceeded to lose every game to the Tigers who had lost 5 in a row. Baltimore has now lost 6 in a row, and 9 of 11. When they get good pitching, they don’t hit. And when they get good offense, they can’t pitch. And when they have a lead late in the game, the bullpen gives it right back. Literally nothing going right for the Orioles right now. They’re 5-14 and already see themselves 11.5 games out because we’re even thinking about May. Going back even farther, since September 1, 2017, the Orioles are 12 – 35. The stink has stuck around from last season.

Alex Cobb couldn’t have had 2 worse starts to begin his Orioles career. Let’s take a look at the numbers for both of them.

4/14 @ Boston – 3.2 IP/ 10 H / 8 R/ 7 ER / 1 BB / 0 Ks

4/19 @ Detroit – 3.1 IP / 10 H / 7 R  / 5 ER / 1 BB /4 Ks

Season Total – 15.43 ERA / 3.14 WHIP / Batters hitting .500 against him.

Literally couldn’t be worse if he tried. Cobb was expected to bring veteran leadership and experience to a club that has some young guys in the rotation, he signed late so he missed Spring Training, but let’s be real, he doesn’t look anywhere close to ready. Whichever scout recommend that he was good to go should be shot to the moon. I hear people give an excuse of “well he didn’t really have a Spring to work on his stuff”. Cool, then why is he starting major league games? Now It’s still early, and I’m sure he will turn around, but good lord is it frustrating to watch a guy like Cobb get rocked in back-to-back games, especially when you thought he would be a front of the rotation guy. He was spotted a 2-0 lead yesterday, and the wheels just came off. I understand when the Red Sox bash your face in, they’re a hell of a team. The Tigers???? They had lost 5 straight heading into this series, and they swept the Birds. That is not a lineup that should be putting up 12 + runs on you.

I harped on this last week, but we all thought the Orioles bullpen, even without Zach Britton, would be able to hold up its end of the bargain. They never got that memo. The O’s bullpen ERA this season is a cool 4.72 (23rd in the league), have given up 40 earned runs this season, and have a 1.47 WHIP. Basically they are letting people get on, and once they are on, the runners are scoring. Richard Bleier has easily been the best reliever this season, posting a 0.95 WHIP and 0.71 ERA in 9 games this season. Closer, Brad Brach hasn’t had as many opportunities as we would like, and has a respectable 2.45 ERA, but a WHIP over 1.4, not what you want as your closer. 5 hits and 6 walks in 7.2 IP is not great at all. Mychal Givens is still struggling, posting an ERA OF 6.52. I had high hopes for Givens in the offseason, and hope he can bounce back. Darren O’Day was having a good year until he gave up a go-ahead 3-run homer to a catcher on the Tigers who was hitting .083!!!!!! That put the Tigers ahead in Wendesday’s game before they won on a walkoff. Disappointing for O’Day, because he had been very good this season. He’s still sporting a 1.17 WHIP and ERA of 4.70 ERA. Again, he’s better than that, and I’m hoping to see him rebound. Regardless, the pen has to be better, it just has to. With the struggling starters (Tillman and Cobb) and offense, they have to be able to hold leads. Ya gotta do it.

Manny was being Manny in Thursday’s loss to the Tigers, he went 3-5 with 2 bombs and a double. He’s still trying to get that offseason deal, and he’s proving his worth. He also showed just how good he is at short….again. God I’m gonna miss him.

Orioles return to Baltimore for a 10-game homestead beginning with 4 against the Indians starting today. I mean, idk what to say. This team has to win out on their homestand just get their head above water and look like a competitive team. Hard to count out a team in April just because there is so much time left, but if they get to 15-17 games out in early May, it may be time to look forward to NFL training camp.