Our Beloved Jaguars Unveiled Their New Uniforms And They Are Delicious






I love that teal is back. When Shad Kahn bought the team, gold became a really pronounced color. They used it on the god-awful gold two-toned helmets and the honey mustard lookin color rush uniforms as well. Jaguars fans have always loved teal. Teal is a beautiful hue that makes my eyes absolutely pop, and for that reason, I’m glad it’s back.

I like the clean and crisp lines of the numbers and a return to the Jaguars history which was marked with a little more success than the past decade with the obvious exception of last year. The helmet is back to being all black with the updated Jaguars logo on the side and the gold is gone from the helmets but not our hearts.

Additionally, the Jaguars announced that they will have a puppy park at the new stadium! How wonderful!

The Jaguars owner also bought up a ton of riverfront land and plans to make a pretty amazing venue of hotels and high-end dining and events. Neat!

Turns out that the old adage is coming true. Jacksonville is on the come-up. Go Jaguars.