New Browns GM John Dorsey Won't Tell Any of the Idiots In The Browns Organization Who He's Taking Number One Overall, Including Owner Jimmy Haslam

YES! John Dorsey will not let any of these idiots persuade him and I love it. He’s coming into this team with an actual brain and won’t tolerate any rock brains out there to waste his time with their thoughts . He did it in Kansas City, he’s doing it here and no one can stop him. He’s loaded with the 1st and 4th overall picks along with three 2nd rounders. Those five picks could change the course of this joke of a team forever.

So who does John have to consult with on this team? A head coach in Hue Jackson who has won one game in three years. Nope. An owner who overruled his entire braintrust four years ago and forced the team to take Johnny Manziel when no one wanted to. Yeah, nope. It’s literally Dorsey and his Assistant GM Elliot Wolf. That’s the only guy I would trust if I were John. Other than that you’re literally dealing with the dumbest people on the planet. I wouldn’t even have Hue Jackson’s number saved in my phone for the next week.

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Just throw on “Do Not Disturb” and you’re all set.

It’s John Dorsey’s team and he’s refusing to let these morons brainwash him. I’m not even a Browns fan but I’m locked in for their draft. One of my best friends is a die hard Browns fan and in college I would wake up to Cleveland Browns Radio every Sunday during the Manziel days as he was tricked into thinking this was the year. I was at his house when the Browns took Johnny and to this day I’ve never seen a happier person. I’ll be with him next Thursday as well and God knows what’s going to happen.