What Do We Read Into Johnny Manziel Wearing Patriots Gear During #ComebackSZN?

This is one of those moment’s where you realize blogging is a man’s game. A world where angels fear to tread. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. Welcome to Thunderdome.
I wake up this morning to this Tweet, taken from Bre Tiesi Manziel’s Instagram. Her honey the most intriguing unemployed quarterback on Earth (sorry, Colin Kaepernick) in a Patriots hoodie. Which might not mean a whole hell of a lot. I mean, I own half a closet of Pats hoodies and they don’t cause anyone to speculate I might end up on the roster. But then I heard from someone I trust who says there are internal discussions going on right now in Foxboro about the possibility of inviting Johnny Football to camp. Then I check Mrs. Manziel’s Insta and … don’t find the photo.

I readily admit I’ve got very few dots to connect here. Like the ancient Greeks drawing a line between three stars and seeing a picture of a bull or a guy shooting an arrow, it’s a stretch to say one picture, one source and said picture being taken down means Johnny Manziel will be in Foxboro when training camps begin. But I’m not NOT saying it either.

So I’m not necessarily connecting the dots. I just know I wouldn’t be earnin’ and burnin’ for Chernin if I didn’t at least present the dots and let you draw your own conclusions. And that I need this to be true like I need beer and oxygen. #ComebackSZN