David Puddy Needs More Of A Role With The New Jersey Devils

So Patrick Warburton was in attendance for last night’s game 4 between the Devils and Lightning. You’d think with Puddy in the building that the Devils would have the game in the bag before the first puck drop but they ended up losing 3-1 which also brought the series to 3-1 Tampa Bay. Now they’ll most likely end up losing in Tampa on Saturday and the Devils season will be over. Tough break and everything but such is life.

Regardless. If there’s one thing that the New Jersey Devils learned last night, it’s that they need to give Puddy more of a role within this organization because the dude just knows how to support the team.

A lot of people probably think that I hate the Devils, being a Flyers fan and everything. That may be true but I also can’t sit here and disregard that they have a great team that is building for the future. Taylor Hall is still locked in for a STEAL at $6M AAV through 2019-2020. Nico Hischier is obviously going to be a star in this league. Making that trade for Sami Vatanen was huge for loading up this team’s blueline for years to come. Will Butcher will round into a great 2nd pair kind of guy. Cory Schneider is locked in through 2021-22, Keith Kinkaid will stick around for at least the next season. You’ve got a kid like Michael Mcleod just waiting in the pipeline and you have tons of cap room. The New Jersey Devils are only going up from here. So when you have a guy like David Puddy at your disposal to help take this team from good to great? You have to take full advantage of the opportunity. I mean just look at this guy.



Patrick Warburton is 53 years old and the dude is yoked out of his mind. Hire him as a strength and conditioning coach. Hire him as a hype man. Hire him as anything. All I know is that you want this guy at as many games as possible to will your team to victory night in and night out. But again, it’ll probably have to wait until next season because this series has an expiration date on Saturday.