Reporters Surprising LeBron James and Kevin Durant About The Horrible News of Erin Popovich's Passing Was Unfair

First and foremost my heart aches for Coach Pop tonight as he deals with the passing of his wife of 40 years. I can’t even imagine living for 40 years and here are these two being married for that long. God Bless you Pop, I hope you know the entire sports world is aching a little this evening knowing what you’re going through.

As the news began to surface on Twitter, everyone was sending their condolences, but I noticed this Durant video which looked like it came right after practice/shoot around. We’re just moments after finding out the news and these reporters have to break the news to KD about Pop’s wife with a camera in his face just to get his first, genuine reaction. I know a lot of players in the league are extremely close to Pop and this broke them when they heard the news. I think if you’re going to ask that question you have to let him know off the air about the news first. That’s so unfair to KD, who was just relaxing and thinking about getting ready for the game tomorrow night, and then all of a sudden you put his mind in a completely different place he never in a million years saw coming.

Then we have Lebron right after the Cavs win over the Pacers tonight. Allie LaForce is a fantastic sideline reporter, but I think you have to give Bron a little heads up before the interview here. Immediately following a game player’s minds are going a million miles a minute. You’re so happy you evened up the series and you’re expecting to hear a question about what went different tonight. Then all of a sudden you’re being asked your immediate reaction to a close friend’s wife’s death. I want to believe Sam Dekker that LaForce had to have talked to Lebron before but I just have a hard time doing so. (Even if she did give him a quick mention beforehand I still think you have to wait for the press conference for that kind of question.)

*Apologies I said it was Olivia Harlan at first and not Allie LaForce. I saw Dekker defending her and it tricked my brain.

That look on Lebron is pure sadness and shock. Unless he really is a fantastic actor I think Lebron is finding out this news for the first time right then and there. Lebron and Pop are extremely close and I just think finding out something that personal with a live camera on you is so brutal and unfair. Yes, they’re professional athletes and post game interviews like that are required, but that kind of question should’ve been saved for the press conference, giving Lebron more time to take in the situation.

I will say KD and Lebron handled both situations very well and gave genuine, heart felt responses but the timing of those questions made me a little uncomfortable.