I Blame Bertucci’s Declaring Bankruptcy on Millennials


(Goodnight Sweet Prince)

Boston.comAt last, fast-casual’s war on full-service restaurant chains has come for Bertucci’s. After years of declining sales, the Northborough-based chain announced Monday it was closing 15 locations upon filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy over the weekend, with potentially more closures to come. The recent rise of fast-casual restaurants, like Panera and Chipotle, made that growth unsustainable amid an increasingly competitive environment, even as CEO Brian Wright pledged he would not let the other restaurants “muscle out” Bertucci’s, which proved to be fateful.

I got to be honest. I love Bertucci’s. The pizza is good. The rolls are fucking spectacular. The all you can eat salad is good. The Raviolis are awesome. I’d argue it was the best of the chain restaurants that you don’t feel like a scumbag eating at out there. Better than Chilli’s, PF Changs, Outback, Olive Garden, Cheesecake etc. Bertucci’s was better than all of them. Their rolls could go toe to toe with Tyson in their prime.   Hell I ate so many of them one time before going to the movies they clogged my arteries and I had a legit heart attack.   That’s on me not them because they were so good I kept eating them and asking for more.  Just an absolute travesty this place couldn’t survive in today’s climate. Fuck these millennials.