Kanye West Has Now Chimed In On The KFC/Pitching Ninja Situation

Kanye West, big time Stoolie coming in STRONG on KFC’s side! That could be it for Pitching Ninja and his ginormous ego. When Kanye is against you, it’s over. He was all upset because he thought KFC stole from him, but Pitching Ninja stole it from someone else himself! Maybe Pitching Ninja should relax his ego a little bit and realize all he’s doing it filming his television like everyone else.

It’s actually nuts how this situation has escalated, when the common enemy is MLB. It’s so fucking stupid that Passan is trying to paint Kevin as the bad guy here, when Ninja narced on himself because he was so cocky and thought he was untouchable. Fly too close to the Sun, you’re gonna get burned, no matter what.

Oh and then Kanye tripled down with his support of Kevin:

So you’re saying it’s a good thing that Kevin spread that dude’s gifs around the internet and let 10x more people see it? And if Pitching Ninja was really only doing it “for the kids and the coaches” or whatever bullshit he was spewing…then why would he care about credit or external validation anyway? All very interesting.

This will probably be the last of this discussion. KFC will end up being the person who gets MLB to stop being such Nazis about sharing their content on social media, and that Pitching Ninja guy will get the credit. But if not for Kevin, none of it will be possible. Glad Kanye agrees.