Are My Contracted Construction Workers Being Rude By Using Power Tools At Full Volume?

Before you start reading this blog, please watch the 48 minutes of Yankee Workshop teaching you how to make a chest of drawers. It’s vital for context.

So, I’m having some light work done on my house. The French Doors. You remember.

Anyway, I need a partial wall built as well. I dont know how to frame and do all that manly shit. I’m a blogger. I explained that to my newest and good friend Miguel.

“Miguel,” I said with a sense of pride. “Miguel, I’m a blogger. As such, I write during the day in order to keep the cube fellas happy.”

“That’s very good.”

I smiled as Miquel drove away to the lumberyard to get supplies. He needed all kinds of fours. two by. Four by. Even six bys. I trust him. He’s been in the construction biz for 30 years. When Miguel returned, I was knee deep in a shift at the bloggin factory and about to smash publish on the poop train blog.

That’s when I heard it. The screaming of a circular saw. This cant be. Miguel knows that I require a tall glass of coffee, artisanal poptarts, and above all, a quiet setting in order to blog. I would have thought that Miquel would have used a hand saw. Nope. With little regard for my work, his machines and whathaveyou began to clamor about.These machines do not meet library rules which are clearly posted on the refrigerator which is in the kitchen which is near my office which is where he’s working. Is Miquel lacking the attention to detail to peruse the various handwritten notes on my refrigerator? Will this affect the quality of his craftsmanship?

I don’t know and I can’t even think about it right now because the construction site in my office sounds like a fucking construction site. I’m not sure if I’ll even be able to write one blog in these conditions. I probably shouldn’t have used my blessing from the Lord on that damn poop train in Alabama. Use it or lose it, they say. They don’t say, “if you use it, you lose it too.” They should. We will.