College Kid Takes His Shot From Deep Downtown: Asks Pam From The Office To Formal

Classic Pam acting like post-marriage Pam instead of pre-wedding Pam.

So sick of seeing all these twerps get rewarded for tweeting at their favorite celebrity and getting so many Likes and Retweets from strangers that they’re gifted with a date to an event.  A bro mans up and has the courage to do it in public, face to face and gets rejected outright.  Right in front of his friends and peers.   Disheartening.   Back in my day when you asked a girl out in front of a crowd of people she had to say yes to avoid embarrassing you which she would do later in private by saying she couldn’t make dinner because she had to visit her dying grandma who you know full well from Facebook stalking already died 8 months ago.   Women are so empowered now.