Drake Couldn't Stop Talking Shit To The Wizards Last Night

At some points last night Drake was further on the court than Raptor’s coach Dwane Casey. I can’t say I blame him; talking heads and sports anchors alike have taken to calling the Raptors “the Drakes” and little cutesy bullshit that gives young Aubrey Graham more of an affiliation to his team than the average courtside rapper.

Even so, the shit talking display he put on last night was Olympic. And as much as these guys are “buds”, it’s the playoffs. It’s all fun and games until you get swept in the first round.

Kelly Oubre got it the worst. Drake was yelling in his ear that he’s a bum from point bank range for the whole world to see.

But Kelly pretty much bitched up afterwards, cozying up to Drake after getting his face shit on in defeat.


Oh that’s your guy? Cause he just celebrated in your professional failure.

The Sixers were less successful Monday night with their courtside shit talking duo of Kevin Heart and Allen Iverson. The true dream is that Meek gets free and gets a courtside seat for a Drake vs. Meek ECF. For now we’ll take what we can get.