Southern California Town Gets Absolutely Overran By A Hilarious Amount Of Tumbleweeds: That's Right. Tumbleweeds

This video made me actually laugh out loud. The first shots of all those fucking tumbleweeds is enough to make a homeowner lose their damn minds. You walk outside and see this shit, it ruins your whole damn day.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 8.35.23 AM

Crews and crews of people coming to your neighborhood to rid you of this relic of the wild west. Removing that many tumbleweeds could take hours, days, or even weeks. Families would become distraught when their fathers aren’t home in time for supper, but there’s literally nothing that can be done. The tumbleweeds aren’t just gonna blow away in the wind like some tumbleweeds.

“Honey. Put my plate in the oven. I’ll be home late again. There are tumbleweeds everywhere and there’s no end in sight.”

“Mother fucker, I work too. Make your own damn plate.”

Wow. Kinda sexist of you. Work on that.