Last Night In The Stanley Cup Playoffs: It Must Be Game Of Thrones Season Because The Golden Knights Slayed The Kings

NHL: APR 17 Stanley Cup Playoffs First Round Game 4 - Golden Knights at Kings

Golden Knights 1, Kings 0 |  VGK Wins 4-0

Son of a mother fucking bitch. They did it. Those sons of bitches actually did it. I honestly don’t have any words for this shit anymore. I’m just so damn furious. The Vegas Golden Knights are in the first year of their existence. They won their division. And now they just wrapped up their first ever playoff series and they still don’t have a single playoff loss to their name. Are you kidding me? Holy shit let me put a bullet or two in my head real quick.

These bastards. These goddamn bastards. My entire life as a Flyers fan so far has been heartbreaking playoff loss after heartbreaking playoff loss. Meanwhile the Vegas Golden Knights are breezing through this shit like it’s an exhibition game up in Rochester. And even if the Kings are mostly to blame here for playing like bozos all series. It’s still pretty damn hard to win 4 games in a row against the same team in a week regardless of who you’re playing. It’s even harder to keep that team to just 3 goals total all series long. But for 4 straight games (and most of the season while he was healthy), Marc-Andre Fleury was able to turn back the clock to 2009 and shut it the heck down between the pipes.

Game 1 was a 1-0 win. Game 2 was a 2-1 win in overtime. Game 3 was a 3-2 win. And then game 4 was another 1-0 win. Two shutouts in a 4-game series for Marc-Andre Fleury. And it’s not even like the Kings weren’t generating shots either. Fleury had 130 shots against in the series, 127 of them were saves. And on the offensive side of the puck for Vegas? Well they had 7 goals all series. Nothing too impressive but when you look at how they did it, you realize exactly why this team is playing as well as they are right now. 7 goals scored for the Golden Knights this series, 7 different goal scorers.


Besides Fleury in net, the Golden Knights don’t have just one player who they’re constantly looking for to get shit done for them. Honestly I think this team is proving that you’re almost better off without a superstar sometimes. Because they just get contributions from everybody out on the ice who is playing like they constantly have something to prove.

NHL: APR 17 Stanley Cup Playoffs First Round Game 4 - Golden Knights at Kings

Hey, buds. Remember when you bozos left me exposed at the Expansion Draft? Ya, sorrey aboot sendin’ ya boys home early this year. Tell Rob Blake I say hi for me though, alright?” – Brayden McNabb, probably

Last night’s game was Brayden McNabb with the game winner and series clincher. And you simply cannot script that shit. McNabb was exposed by the Kings at the Expansion Draft last summer. He’s playing against his former team in the playoffs. The team that basically told him, “yeah, you’re not important and we don’t give a fuck if we lose you here for free”. And he goes on to deliver the dagger that sends the Kings home in 4 games. Actually now that I think about it, you could totally script that. But still. It’s wild nevertheless.

Now it looks like the San Jose Sharks will most likely be up next in the 2nd round for the Golden Knights. The Sharks lost David Schlemko in the Expansion Draft past summer but fortunately for San Jose, Schlemko was immediately traded to Montreal the next day for a draft pick so he won’t be around to score any game-winning, series clinching goals against them.

Capitals 3, Blue Jackets 2 (2OT)  | CBJ Leads 2-1

For the third straight game, the Washington Capitals and Columbus Blue Jackets needed overtime to decide the winner here. And for the third straight game, the home team ended up losing in overtime. By far the fuckiest series of the playoffs so far. Now I have a take about playoff overtime that I’m going to save for later today. Just know that ultimately the take ends up with me being right and you being wrong.

Regardless, the Capitals won in double overtime. It was a super ugly goal. But I guess they all count the same on the scoresheet. And now technically the Caps are still very much in this series. Ovi said before the game last night that the Caps were going to win games 3 and 4 on the road, and bring the series back to Washington tied up. It didn’t look like a promising guarantee after this nasty goal by Artemi Panarin from Cam Atkinson.


But they managed to get it done in overtime and now one more win on the road for the Caps and they can turn this series into a best-of-3 with each team swapping home ice advantage. If that trend keeps up then congratulations to the Columbus Blue Jackets on advancing to the 2nd round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs after a 5OT victory in game 7.

Jets 2, Wild 0  | WPG Leads 3-1

Damn. There goes Jordie. Back at it again with the major injury scoops in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Getting to the news damn near a full hour before the actual beat reporters touch it.

So yeah. After I broke the news that Zach Parise would be out for the remainder of the series, I’m assuming everybody realized that was the death blow for the Minnesota Wild. They gave it a good go but Winnipeg was probably too good for Minnesota to beat even with a healthy Parise. You take him out of the lineup and now the Jets get to go on cruise control to the 2nd round, starting with last night’s 2-0 loss. My only piece of advice to the Jets moving forward? Yeah maybe don’t crosscheck as many guys in the face next game. You probably don’t want to head into the next round of the playoffs with any suspensions.


And ya gotta love Playoff Bruce Boudreau.

Okay, Bruce. Sure thing, bud. I’m sure the fact that your team couldn’t score a single goal had nothing to do with the fact that you guys lost a 2-0 game.