Turmoil In Pup Punk? Listen To Their Band Practice On Twitch With Their New Mystery Member...

The hottest non sold out band on the Internet streets, Pup Punk, may be scorching red hot but everything comes at a price folks. Rumors are flying that there’s a new drummer coming to town. One far younger and more powerful. But those are the rumors. These are the facts.

I’ll be streaming on Twitch for the next 3 hours and the Pups are having a blowout session to work out the new kinks. You’ll be able to hear them in the background. A little sneak peak into the makings of magic. Will this inevitiably crush Smitty’s soul? I sure hope not.

Speaking of crushing disappointment, I was DEEPLY humbled last night and only managed 4 kills as my top score. We still have time and cash payouts left in the $3k Fortnite Contest with Gamerz Arena, so come join the fun. Ended up running right to the 3 hour bell and turned in a dud 0. So tonight I need vengeance. I NEEDED the blood like I needed to hear PFT shred the National Anthem

Join me on my quest for all the milkshakes on Twitch. Rumors are definitely flying that there’s a big band practice on the way. Garage jamming type stuff. The kind of sessions that take your breath away. I’ll be live and they’ll be whispering magic in the background. I love you Smitty. All Craigslist drummers SHOULD be created equal!

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Watch Baba Yaga XXX Barstool Gametime on $3k Fortnite Contest PS4 from Barstoolsports on