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Prepare To Fall In Love With Daisy The Disabled Rescue Dog





Daily Mail- Now Daisy has a new owner, Sheena Main, and likes to spend her time going on long walks. Sheena said: ‘I am so proud and happy to see Daisy being mobile. Without the cart, she hops like a bunny and that consumes a lot of energy for her, so the wheels mean we can go on longer walks. Vets have no idea what caused Daisy’s disability, though it is believed she was born with the condition, which may have led to her being abandoned.   Within a few months of arriving at A Home 4 Ever, Daisy got her new wheels but didn’t feel comfortable with them at first and would only use them if a treat was dangled in front of her. Sheena said: ‘We have later learned that it was due to the cart not fitting properly. ‘After adjusting the wheel cart, she adapted to it very quickly and we all enjoy taking long walks, which was not possible before.’ After the readjustments to her cart Daisy and Sheena get to meet new furry friends, although some of them are wary of her ‘different’ appearance. ‘The cart has even helped boost her confidence when meeting new dogs,’ said Sheena. ‘Having said that each dog reacts differently to Daisy – some just accept her and greet her like any other dog.

We talk about dogs here a lot at Barstool.  Some people might say too much but those people are ass holes.  As long as stories like this keep happening, we’re going to keep talking about how awesome dogs are.  Mostly because it’s the truth.  Look at Daisy.  Born with a condition that causes her two front legs to be paralyzed.  Sad as shit.  It gets even sadder when you find out her first owners abandoned her at 2 months old once they realized her condition.  Did Daisy give up? Did she throw in the towel because the odds were stacked against her?  Nope.  After almost being euthanized a rescue center nursed Daisy back to health and raised money to buy her that super awesome wheel chair so Daisy could live a normal life.  Why did they got to such lengths to save her?  Because dogs are the best.  Duh.  And look at Daisy now.  Happy as a clam in her wheelchair.  Zipping around.  Tail wagging like nothing ever happened.  It’s stuff like this that separates dogs from every other animal on the planet.  Dogs, man.  Awesome.

PS- I hope the owners who abandoned Daisy in the first place get killed in a painful car accident.  Scum of the earth.  Or better yet, let them live but have them be paralyzed from the waist for the rest of their lives.  Bet they won’t take it in stride like Daisy did.