Would You Fly Across The Country For Free If You Had To Stand The Entire Time?

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Daily Mail

Economy class cabins may be about to resemble sardine tins rather than cattle trucks in the near future. That’s because an Italian seat manufacturer has unveiled seating that’s so upright passengers using it will practically be standing up. Should any carriers install it, they will be able to cram in more fliers than ever before, in a formation that’s known in the industry as ‘ultra-high density’. The horse-saddle-style seating is an improved version of a concept it tried – and failed – to launch in 2010.

Skyrider 2.0 has more padding than the previous version and firmer mountings, with poles connecting each row to the ceiling and floor, instead of the frame just being fitted to a rail. Aviointeriors claims that its design will enable carriers to fit 20 per cent more people into a cabin, as legroom will be diminished from around 28 inches to 23. It said in a statement: ‘The Skyrider 2.0 is an innovative seat. It allows an ultra-high density in the aircraft cabin. Skyrider 2.0 opens the travelling experience to a wider passenger market, creating also a useful space for the introduction of mixed classes boarded on the same aircraft.

So we’ve got these new standing only seats being designed for airplanes that will increase cabin space by 20%. Obviously if any carriers decide to use these, the prices will drop significantly since you’ll have to fucking stand the entire trip. So the question that begs being asked here is what is your limit on a trip to stand the whole time where the prices will be cut in half (maybe cheaper)? I think two hours is my limit. A flight to Boston that is 45 minutes or a flight from LAX to Vegas that’s an hour and 15 is totally reasonable. Once we start talking about a JFK to Florida flight I start to be out, having to stand for three hours. Any longer than that you’re just a poor person. If you’re traveling across the country to California and you can’t afford a regular plane ticket and you choose to stand the WHOLE TIME, then you don’t deserve to be flying to California. I wouldn’t even do it for free. You might as well wear a giant sign saying I am below the poverty line. Now this all changes if we start installing full bars on planes to make up for the increase in space. If I have to stand for four hours but I’ve got full access to a bar the entire flight then maybe I could be convinced. Besides that this just can’t be an option for a long distance flight.

I can see the future now where the rich upper class are no longer the ones that sit in the front of the plane in first class, but instead those that are standing like idiots. Now sitting in coach is considered a sign of wealth. What a world we’re trending towards.