Trump's Personal Lawyer Michael Cohen Has A Mysterious Third Client And It Is........ SEAN HANNITY!

The HillPresident Trump’s personal lawyer revealed Monday that he represents Fox News’ Sean Hannity, after a federal judge ordered him to reveal the client’s identity at a hearing.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney, attended a hearing on Monday over the documents seized during an FBI raid on his office and hotel room earlier this month.

Cohen has disclosed his work for Trump, including that he paid $130,000 to adult film star Stormy Daniels, who claims the payment was to keep her quiet about an affair with Trump…

…Cohen’s legal team had sought to keep Hannity’s identity anonymous in the hearing because of his public prominence, but U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood ordered Cohen to reveal the identity of his third client.

Holy cow what a stunner. What a bombshell. What an absolutely shocki…….

Actually, of course it’s Sean Hannity. Of course it is. Honestly who else would’ve made more sense? Nobody.

It’s Sean Hannity. Obviously it’s Sean Hannity.

Michael Cohen’s big thing is that he gets hired to pay people off, to silence things, to make things go away. He’s of course at the center of the Stormy Daniels thing and he also handled RNC big wig Elliott Broidy’s situation (situation = he allegedly impregnated a Playboy model, they paid her off, it got out anyway).

I gotta be honest, Michael Cohen stinks at this eh? STINKS. The Stormy Daniels thing is everywhere. I think more information got out about that than even exists.

The Elliott Broidy thing failed because, well, we know about it. And he had to resign.

And now it’s come out that his mysterious third client is Sean Hannity.

The guy literally might be the worst “make sure this doesn’t go public” guy in the history of the world. He’s terrible at it. Every single thing he touches goes public as fuck.