It's Pretty Weird Derek Jeter Won't Be At Yankee Stadium Tonight When The Marlins Visit The Bronx

Tonight the Yankees welcome the Miami Marlins for a quick two game interleague series. What should tonight entail? Well it’s Giancarlo Stanton’s first game versus his former team, it’s Starlin Castro’s return to The Bronx, and most importantly it’s Derek Jeter’s first game as an opponent of the New York Yankees. The first two storylines I just mentioned don’t hold a candle to Derek Jeter’s. The face of the New York Yankees, the man many people my age grew up to idolize is now the owner of another baseball team as he transitions his life post-player. It’s still a crazy situation to let sink in, but it is what it is.

So what’s really weird about tonight? Well, Derek Jeter will not be in attendance as his Marlins take on the Yankees. Why? Well he says he’s at the point in his life where he feels AWKWARD being at Yankee Stadium. My heart just broke in half. What world are we living in? Bartolo Colon almost just perfect gamed the Astros at age 44, Derrick Rose just outplayed Chris Paul in a playoff basketball game, and Derek Jeter feels too awkward returning to Yankee Stadium, the place he called home for his entire Hall of Fame career. I don’t like what this world has become one bit.

Why on Earth would Jeter feel awkward? Yeah you’re an opponent but you’ll never stop being a hero to everyone that grew up rooting for the pinstripes. It’s not like Jeter retired from baseball with any bad blood with the team. He also gifted us Giancarlo Stanton in the offseason to help boost this team’s future through the roof. If they panned to Jeter in a box with his wife Hannah they would have to stop the game because of how long the standing ovation would be. Not going to this game makes everything so much worse for Jeter. It just doesn’t make sense.

As for Jeter as an owner, he’s going to be fine. Is this whole owner thing not shaping out so great in its first year? Yeah not so much, but you’re inheriting a team that is undergoing one of the bigger restarts in modern baseball history. Obviously this wasn’t going to be sunshine and rainbows in year one. What was the Astros situation like for the bad years? Not only did they endure six straight losing seasons, but in the middle of that stretch they lost 106+ games three seasons straight. What are they up to now? They’ve got one World Series title in the books and are in position to win many more for what seems like the next decade. Jeter and the Marlins will be fine once they get past this nightmare stretch.

But getting back on topic. Jeter not showing up tonight just creates a story in its own that is way worse than if he just showed up and got a standing ovation. Such a bizarre move.