Apparently Things Got A Lot More Sensual In Yesterday's Flyers vs Penguins Game Than We Had Originally Thought

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I know that Sidney Crosby is generally hated here in the greater Philadelphia area, but apparently he’s a pretty passionate lover nevertheless. Credit where credit is due. Like look at how wet he left this lady right here.

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And you thought that flash flooding warning you got was because of the rain. Turns out that was just Sidney Crosby making sweet, sweet tender love to the Wells Fargo Center and getting all those faucets nice and leaky.

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When Sid The Kid takes you to Niagara Falls.

Seriously though. What the fricken fuck, Philly [dot] com? The point of the whole article was to rip on Flyers fans for putting photos of Crosby in all the urinals at the Wells Fargo Center and how much of a backfire that turned out to be.

Personally, I don’t have an issue with this move. It’s not the same as chanting “Crosby Sucks” or anything else where Crosby can actually see or hear the taunting. That’s the kind of shit he can feed off of. Putting his photo in some urinals? I doubt he gives a single flying heck about that. I doubt anybody actually gives a single flying heck about it so it’s not worth writing an entire article about. But apparently the failing disagrees and not only did they decide to run a whole article on the gimmick, but they went out of their way to construct the most bizarre headline imaginable about it.

And I’m sure the wording here was chosen on purpose by some editors to drive clicks, even if the clicks are done ironically. When you’re a trash publication like who try to make people pay for the same old boring ass takes all the time, sometimes you have to resort to that level of clickbait. That’s why I won’t be posting any links to the original story. Does that make me a hero? I don’t know. Some people may say yes, others may say maybe. You can thank me for my service later. But yeah. The Flyers got their dicks kicked in by the Penguins at home yesterday in the playoffs and still managed to embarrass themselves more.