John Cena Is Post-Breakup Depressed All Over Instagram Right Now

Oh man. Oh John. We’ve been saying this a ton recently, but you really do hate to see this.

John Cena’s Instagram, for lack of better terms, is weird as shit. He just posts random ass pictures with no captions or context behind them all day. Makes me think Cena’s a little bit of a pervert, ya know? Not like a real pervert but just a little. Since the breakup with Nikki Bella last night though, there’s been no context needed. It’s very clear what his posts are all about, and it’s devastating. Our main man is over here blastin’ out a high school-esque breakup depression to NINE POINT ONE MILLION PEOPLE while Nikki’s announcing the separation as emotionless as a robot.

Somebody’s gotta take Cena’s phone away, give him their ‘(500) Days Of Summer’ Blu-Ray and a few My Chemical Romance albums, maybe a mixtape with exclusively “Only One” by Yellowcard on repeat, and then get that man some ice cream. Get him off social media and just let him cry it out.


P.S. Really explains why The Undertaker had his way with Cena at ‘Mania, eh? The man is an emotional wreck. He never stood a chance.