You Let Justin Gaethje Fight, He's Gonna Give You A Fight Of The Year Contender...Even If It Kills Him

“Fight of the Year” was a term thrown around a lot this weekend. Some were linking that title to The One Man Thrill Ride vs The Bavarian Hercules at RNR3, others using it to discuss Dustin Poirier vs Justin Gaethje at UFC on FOX 29. It’s hard to say which of those hard-fought bouts deserves to be called the best fight of 2018, but it’s easy to say this: Justin Gaethje is a fucking maniac, and we love him for that.

He lost the fight…yeah…but every narrative, every story, every article, tweet, and blog recapping the card is talking about him. Why? Because his recklessness probably makes him the most entertaining UFC fighter on the roster right now. He’s got a 1-2 record since signing with the company, losing both of his last two fights, but that doesn’t really matter. He steps into the octagon each and every time knowing that he’s going to leave a piece of himself in there for good, and then does. He knows that his style will call for him to retire early – he’s stated plainly that he probably has about five fights until he hangs up the gloves – but that’s cool with him. Justin Gaethje just doesn’t want the people in the stands “WOOOO”-ing during his fights.

Dustin Poirier put on a superb performance against “The Highlight”, knocking him out in the fourth round of their main event, but more impressively enduring his storm for as long as he did. Gaethje just keeps coming forward and doesn’t stop until he’s unconscious. This clip is the perfect embodiment of who he is as a fighter…

He gets ROCKED, I mean seriously put on wobbly legs, is possibly one clean shot away from being out-cold and hitting the canvas…and he signals for his opponent to pour it on. He literally gives Dustin the “Come on!” hand sign. He’s welcoming his demise like a true warrior would.

Dustin Poirier is now be creeping into title contention at 155lbs as long as that leg heals up – I’m not sure it ever will.


If it does, however, I’d like to finally see a rightful ending to him vs Eddie Alvarez. Don’t think Dustin’ll ever forget the war he went through with Gaethje though.

Seek out this full fight. You can find it online. Go out of your way to see it by all means necessary. You owe it to these two men after what they laid on the line, and it won’t disappoint. I promise.