I Am Going To Vomit If The Vegas Golden Knights Sweep Their First Ever Playoff Series

Vegas Golden Knights v Los Angeles Kings - Game Three

I wrote about this before after Vegas won game 1 of this series against the Kings. I loved absolutely everything about what the Vegas Golden Knights were able to accomplish during the regular season. When it was first announced that Vegas was getting a hockey team, the initial reaction was “fat friggin’ chance will hockey work in the desert”. Once the expansion draft rules were outlined, the initial reaction was “well at least they probably won’t be the worst team in the league this year but they’re still going to be a few years away from contending”. And then the Golden Knights come in here in their innaugural season, flip the league on its head and win their division. A team full of misfits. A squad full of castaways. It’s why we love sports.

But now? Well now this is just starting to seem a little fucked up. They win game 1 by a score of 1-0. I get it. It makes sense. The barn in Vegas was probably rocking with that city experiencing playoff hockey for the first time. It’d be pretty hard to lose home ice advantage in that situation. Then they win game 2 by a score of 2-1 in overtime. Again, I can live with that. Vegas is obviously a good team. They don’t have any quote-unquote superstars on the team but they can still grind out wins against anybody. An overtime win? That’s just a lucky bounce or two away from the Kings stealing one in Vegas.

Then last night happens. The series moves to LA. Finally time for the Kings to get back in this series. Playing in LA doesn’t exactly give the Kings any home ice advantage since nobody in LA gives a flying fuck about hockey. But at the very least, it takes home ice advantage away from Vegas. So now they’re back home. They’re up 1-0 heading into the 3rd period. All they have to do is hang on for 20 more minutes. And then the 3rd period happens and the Golden Knights score not one…

Not two…

But three goals in the 3rd period and eventually take a 3-2 win in game 3 to take a 3-0 lead in the series.

Big time players show up in big time moments. Like I said before, the Vegas Golden Knights don’t necessarily have any “big time players” on their roster. Now granted, James Neal has been there before and he’s had plenty of playoff experience in his career so far. But what this team is proving right now is that you can have playoff success without the superstar. You don’t need a Patrick Kane or a Sidney Crosby or an Anze Kopitar. As long as you have a group of guys who have all bought in, trust in each other, and actually believe they can do it? Well that’s how you score 3 goals in the 3rd period of a Stanley Cup Playoff game on the road.

And all of that would be so fun to cheer for if it weren’t for the fact that this is their first year in the league. I just need the Vegas fans to experience a devastating playoff loss once in their life. That’s all. Honestly I think it would be for their own good.